Your Choice of Wardrobe Doors

The wardrobe doors are effectively the most important aspect of your wardrobe from an aesthetics viewpoint. They may be plain facades that are simply a functional means of giving your clothes a place to live, or they may be highly adorned with inlaid work that make a statement and set the tone for the rest of the room.

Your wardrobe may be fronted with sliding doors, a common door style of built-in or fitted wardrobes and something of a space saver, or the doors may be hinged, either single swinging doors or folding. The way in which they operate could depend on the amount of space you have in the room or the space they take up in the wardrobe cabinet itself.

These days the types of wardrobe doors available are seemingly limitless with new and creative materials used to front them. In the past a pine wardrobe would contain pine doors and an oak wardrobe would be closed with oak wardrobe doors. This sort of uniformity is no longer the case with modern wardrobes custom built to have doors that are made of the same materials as other features in the room.

Mirrored wardrobe doors are old hat in some people's eyes and are really only found these days on antique wardrobes. Materials such as stainless steel, laminate and an assortment of plastics are the preferred facings for today’s wardrobe doors with the ultimate in a contemporary new look being the use of translucent sliding doors. Within these materials are various creative designs and colors created to give the wardrobe a unique appeal.

Another important feature of wardrobe doors that you have complete control over is the hardware used to open and close them. Just because the wardrobe you buy contains door handles that are particularly ugly doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them. A wide selection of wardrobe door handles can be found at any hardware or furniture store and are very effective at changing the entire tone of the wardrobe.

There are so many options for wardrobe doors from the color used to the wood used. You may feel as though you need to stick with the original antique wardrobe that you bought and that’s perfectly acceptable. It’s all a matter of style. Different décor styles that these doors have to offers would be anything from plain wood sliding doors to gorgeous stained wood or even stained glass. There are a number of online retailers and a lot of different retailers that have these doors in stock and ready to go and just as many custom-made door suppliers who will be able to build wardrobe doors from your own design.

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