Wicker Wardrobe

One of the popular styles of finishes for bedroom furniture is wicker and this extends to the doors of a bedroom wardrobe. Wicker is a natural looking finish that also provides texture that may be picked up and replicated elsewhere in the room. The bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of your time, it’s the place you come to relax and wind down so the furniture you place in the room should be something you appreciate and find soothing. Your bedroom furniture wardrobe made from wicker would add a nice touch to the room.

It is quite common to find wicker wardrobes in the rooms of hotel resorts and never fails to create a feeling of total relaxation. By using wicker in your own home you should be able to bring that same feeling into the bedroom or living room to enjoy on a daily basis, even with fitted bedroom wardrobes.

A particularly effective way to incorporate wicker into the bedroom through your wardrobe is to replace the solid wood door of your existing wardrobe with a wicker insert. This is a job that would not be terribly onerous but it would result in a façade that would be much more interesting and detailed.

That being said, a wardrobe that is made entirely of wicker will also add tremendous depth and appeal to the room. The most likely way in which this kind of wardrobe will be manufactured is with a solid wood frame that has wicker panels to form the sides and top. Buying an unfinished wicker wardrobe allows you to give it your own personal touch with a lacquer or painted finish.

White Wicker Wardrobes

The most commonly seen type of wicker wardrobes are those that have been painted white. White wicker wardrobes can be used in a variety of situations, they look particularly effective in a child’s nursery but they also create a casual elegance in other bedrooms. There is a certain casualness about the look of white wicker and white wardrobes are useful in all kinds of styles of rooms.

A white wicker wardrobe placed in a bright, airy bedroom will work with a range of other bedroom furniture items. However the most common way to integrate it into the room is with other pieces made from bamboo or rattan. The overall tone that you would be going for would be one of casual elegance and white wicker achieves this every time.

It is possible to buy a white wicker wardrobe for only a small cost. Furniture made from wicker is generally quite light in weight yet there is a durability that will ensure the wardrobe will last for many years. The reason why your wicker wardrobe (or any other furniture made from wicker) lasts so well is because the materials are woven tightly together to form the wicker patterns.

Wicker Is Natural

When you buy wicker furniture you can feel comfortable that you are buying a product made from natural resources. Wicker is sourced from natural fibers such as bamboo, rattan, reeds or willow, plants that are in abundant supply and not stripped from old-growth forests.

Cleaning the wicker detail work of your wardrobe is not overly labour intensive. As part of the regular cleaning cycle it should take nothing more than a quick vacuum using a brush connection over the entire surface area to remove and dust that has become trapped in the crevices of the wicker.

This is just one of the many types of wardrobe furniture that can help to make your home one of great envy.

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