A White Wardrobe Adds Appeal

With the fascination with the shabby chic style of decorating, white furniture has become much more sought after and accepted as the latest fashion statement for the discerning home owner. A white wardrobe represents this style perfectly with the simple elegance of either white or off-white to give you the clean, crisp freshness of a look that never seems to go out of style.

Although natural wood is a clean finish for a wardrobe, a white wardrobe is a great alternative for its simple elegance and the fact that it complements most décor choices. A white wardrobe can be placed in a variety of different settings and still look very much at home. It’s not a color that is going to work as a contrast piece unless the rest of the room is particularly dark, but it gives you the option of featuring in any modern room.

When you paint your wardrobe white, you don’t have to necessarily go for a white that completely obliterates the natural wood grain finish. A white wash can accent the fine grain of a wood wardrobe and can actually enhance the appeal of the wood.

This may particularly be the case if you have bought a pine wardrobe and want to let the distinctive grain and knots that makes pine such a unique type of wood to show through. Choosing a subtle white lacquer or something similar will create a wardrobe that is unspeakably elegant and classy.

The simple lines of a white wardrobe in a modern bedroom will add fresh appeal to the room, serving to help brighten it while also giving you great storage options. The wardrobe may not necessarily be simple, with an ornately decorated piece becoming more subtle and visually appealing when given a white coating.

There are quite a few different options available that you can use to finish your white wardrobe. You may choose to go for the distressed look, the faded washed look or the high gloss satin finish. The nice thing to remember about a white wardrobe is that it will complement just about any décor without appearing garish or out of place.

The white wardrobe is a design option that is always available to use if no other option appeals to you. It can be used as either a contrast or a complement, just as capable of blending in as standing out. It may be fresh or it may be made to look shabby, yet it will still add appeal to the room.