Wardrobe Storage Solutions

A perennial problem in many households is finding enough wardrobe storage, or at least maintaining the storage space so that whenever you buy something new you will have a spot for it. Everyone’s wardrobe is growing. We wear a more diverse array of clothes, something different for every occasion. So what happens if you do not have a lot of closet space in your home for all of these things?

Sadly, this lack of storage is an issue that many people have. Clothing ends up landing on the floor, being stored under the bed, and jutting out of dresser drawers. The array of clothes all over the place adds up to one big mess! Many ask themselves: is there any easy and inexpensive way to increase storage in the home?

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase wardrobe storage. Whether you’ve got a tall cabinet, such as an armoire to hold your clothing, or a wardrobe storage closet or some type of walk-in wardrobe there are small adjustments that can be made to the layout that will afford you some more valuable storage space. One of the sections of many furniture stores is devoted to clever storage devices that help you hang, fold, stack and store your clothes so that the space is maximized. You can almost customize your closet or wardrobe space to fit your exact needs, without having to have a professional come in and do it.

An obvious solution is to buy a larger wardrobe storage cabinet, perhaps by moving from a 2 door wardrobe up to a 3 door wardrobe. This is only a feasible option if you have both the space and the budget to buy the new furniture. Unfortunately this may only be a temporary solution with the expansion of your belongings allowed to continue unabated.

Wardrobe storage cabinets can be redesigned with the help of special storage hardware that is specially designed to make better use of the space you already have. A great deal of importance should be placed on wardrobe design, particularly when it comes to the interior of the wardrobe.

Once you find the system that is right for you, creating more wardrobe storage is easy. There are shoe racks, coat racks, shelving units, and even cubbies that will give you a place for everything. You will even be able to choose the height at which it is installed.

Hanger CascadersJust one of these solutions is a product known as a Hanger Cascader which enables you to hang six items of clothing from shirts to hoodies in the space usually taken up by one piece of clothing. It does this by collapsing to a near vertical position after you have loaded the hanger up and the result is that you can fit 6 times as many clothes into your wardrobe than you otherwise would. By the way, if you're planning on buying these, make sure you get the metal ones because they will stand up to the weight of the clothes much more readily than the plastic ones.

Another way to increase wardrobe storage is by using storage bags. These are an incredible way to downsize your wardrobe without throwing anything away! They allow you to put all of your clothing and other gear inside, and suck all of the air out with a vacuum! They are a great way to increase space in a wardrobe without spending a whole lot of money!

There are many ways to get things clean and organized in your life. Make sure that you make the most of the space that you have. You will feel much better if things are tidy and there is a specific place for everything in your wardrobe!

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