Many Options of Wardrobe Furniture

Part of the furniture that belongs in the bedroom and most would consider vital to the day to day function of the room is a wardrobe. Large or small, free standing or fitted, the wardrobe is a necessary storage piece in a room where we store a lot of our belongings.

But a wardrobe could be considered many different pieces of furniture all housed within the one unit. When you design your own wardrobe you get the opportunity to add as many or as few of them as you need to make it as multi-functional as possible.

Your wardrobe furniture may consist of a cupboard, a set of drawers, a clothes hanger, an armoire, a dressing table, a desk, a mirror, a shoe rack. Some wardrobes can be simple stand alone furniture items that are feature pieces in their own right. They may be built in or fitted wardrobes or a complete room, otherwise known as walk-in wardrobes.

Harking back through history a wardrobe was a showy piece of furniture that was intricately decorated and marked the wealth of the clothes that were housed within. The name gives away the original use of these items of furniture as the place where the king or nobleman stored their robes. Such a lofty treasure that was stored within required that it looked the part and so many of the wardrobes throughout the ages were beautiful works of art.

Nowadays the wardrobes that sit in our bedrooms are more functional than decorative, which is not to say that they are not striking in their own right. The important factor that every wardrobe should achieve is that all of your clothes and assorted sundry items fit inside it. That being said, having a gorgeous antique wardrobe in your bedroom is a very satisfying feeling indeed and adds to the ambience of the room.

And this is where the importance in making use of the different individual furniture pieces that make up a well-designed wardrobe comes into play. Rather than having to buy a clothes hanger and a tallboy and a chest of drawers and a mirror you can design all of these into a single unit. You can hide them all away behind a stylish set of wardrobe doors if you wish.

Planning the way in which your wardrobe is going to be put together and which pieces of furniture are going to be placed within it is all part of the fun of buying a fitted wardrobe. If you do it right you will have ample room for all of your belongings plus a little left over to allow for growth. You will also have a bedroom that is uncluttered by random furniture items dotted around the room, a necessity if you don’t have a particularly large bedroom in the first place.