Maple Wardrobes

Possibly the most common types of wood used to build wardrobes have been oak or pine but for another very attractive looking wardrobe you can use another type of hard wood – maple. Maple wardrobes are particularly attractive looking units that are available at very reasonable prices.

A maple wardrobe makes an attractive piece either as a cupboard or an armoire and, if coupled with other maple pieces in the bedroom will create a stylish ensemble.

A company such as Joseph International produces an extremely popular range of maple furniture including maple wardrobes. These wardrobes match very nicely with the company’s bunk beds and chests of drawers. The Joseph Maple 2 door, 2 drawer wardrobe is a distinctive piece of furniture that has been expertly crafted and finished with a glazed finish.

Maple Wardrobe

Another impressive source of maple wardrobes are the Vancouver Maple wardrobes. Top quality maple wood is used to create a wide range of maple wardrobes in 2-door, 3-door and 4-door configurations. Something like a Kimball maple wardrobe cabinet would make a wonderful addition to any room. The rich mellow wood tones of this type of wardrobe would give you a piece of furniture that could become an item to configure the rest of the room around.

As well as the many modern or contemporary maple wardrobes available for sale in furniture stores both online and as bricks and mortar shops, you can also scout around antique stores for solid maple wardrobes too. In fact an antique maple wardrobe may be a little difficult to track down but is well worth the hunt when you consider the craftsmanship that generally went into these old pieces.

It is possible to refinish an antique maple wardrobe, a task that is a completely rewarding experience if you find an old diamond in the rough. Maple is the kind of hardwood that will respond particularly well to being reworked, stained and polished, the result is wardrobe furniture that rewards you with it's outstanding appeal.