Treating An Unfinished Pine Wardrobe

One of the cheapest types of free standing wardrobes available is a pine wardrobe and if you want to start with a completely blank canvas you can pick up an unfinished pine wardrobe for very little cost. Quite a lot of furniture stores not only stock fully treated and finished wardrobes but also a collection of unfinished stock for those customers who want to perform their own treatment when they get it home.

IF you want to perform your own stain treatment on an unfinished pine wardrobe you will have the opportunity of taking the wardrobe from a clean state and turning it into something else. When you are still in the store you should make sure you examine the wardrobe completely. This means taking a close look at the construction to ensure that all joints have been properly done and that the fixings are solid.

When you have taken possession of the wardrobe you will have to give it a thorough sanding to ensure that it is in a state that is fit to be stained. Unfinished pine wardrobes are sanded before and after construction but the job may be a little rough so you will need to go over it again to satisfy yourself that the job is complete. This means that by the time you get to the end of the job you will have worked your way down to a fine grade sandpaper to get the smoothest, softest finish possible.

If you have never used the stain that you intend on applying to the wardrobe before, it is advisable to apply a small amount to an unobtrusive area first. If the stain looks too dark you can dilute it by adding some water. When you are satisfied that the stain looks as you would expect you should begin to apply by brushing with the grain of the wood. It is important to complete the staining job in one go rather than overlapping various areas, otherwise the job will look patchy and unattractive.

Staining an unfinished pine wardrobe is only one of the many different types of finishes that can be applied. A wax or lacquer finish is also very effective, as is a distressed or lime washed finish. The attraction with buying one of these blank canvases is that you can start with two identical looking wardrobes and, when you have finished with them, they may end up looking nothing alike.

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