Why You Should Invest In An Oak Wardrobe

The oak wardrobe was originally designed to protect the king's robes, keeping them safe from the dampness of his castles. The oak wardrobes of today serve the same purpose. Clothes of the finest quality should be kept in a location safe from the elements, insects, and dampness, prolonging the quality of our best outfits for years to come. Clothing is expensive, fine clothing is outrageously expensive, and when you invest in today's fashions it makes sense to do everything you can to preserve their quality.

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Sauder Homeplus Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet, Sienna Oak Finish Sauder Homeplus Wardrobe/Storage Cabinet, Sienna Oak Finish
List Price: $189.00
Sale Price: $179.00

This item has Four Drawers With Easy-Glide Metal Runners. Safety Mechanism Allows Only One Drawer Open At A Time. Made in United States.

Sauder 419458 Armoire, Wardrobe, Furniture County Line, Salt Oak Sauder 419458 Armoire, Wardrobe, Furniture County Line, Salt Oak
List Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $214.55

Rethink storage in your home with this country style Armoire from the County line collection. It features two adjustable shelves behind the doors and an easy gliding drawer for storage of books, bins, clothes and more! finished in an eye pleasing Salt Oak, this Armoire is the solution to all your storage problems.

Tvilum 70425akak Space 3 Drawer & 2 Door Wardrobe, Oak Structure Tvilum 70425akak Space 3 Drawer & 2 Door Wardrobe, Oak Structure
List Price: $152.86
Sale Price: $142.88

Give yourself the space you need with the space 3 drawer, 2 door wardrobe. The roomy wardrobe compartment has a hanging rod for blazers, pants, blouses and dress shirts, along with four fixed shelves for folded sweaters, jeans and more...

Sauder 419077 Armoire, Wardrobe, Furniture Dakota Pass, Craftsman Oak Sauder 419077 Armoire, Wardrobe, Furniture Dakota Pass, Craftsman Oak
List Price: $284.99
Sale Price: $253.00

Take a pass on the ordinary. Make a bold statement with this Armoire from the Dakota pass collection. This impressive storage cabinet features a large lower drawer, full-width shelf, and must-have garment rod for clothes hanging...

Sauder 418035 Buck Ridge Wardrobe Storage Bimo Cabinet, Highland Oak Sauder 418035 Buck Ridge Wardrobe Storage Bimo Cabinet, Highland Oak
List Price: $234.99
Sale Price: $218.00

This Buck Ridge Wardrobe Storage Cabinet is ideal for garage storage, can be used as a hunting cabinet and much more. This storage unit can hold equipment clothing and other items.

Elite 32 Elite 32" Wardrobe Cabinet
List Price: $195.49
Sale Price: $195.43

This 20-inch deep Wardrobe Cabinet includes one hanging rail for clothes as well as a fixed top shelf for hats and other small items. Use alone or add the optional 32” Topper (WEW-3224) for 89” high storage...

Not only does oak furniture add style and warmth to a room but its ability to a last long and hold up well is well known. An oak wardrobe is naturally resistant to insects and fungi making it an ideal choice to keep all your best clothing safe. Oak is sturdy and come in a variety of styles, it has often been past down through generations remaining durable and fitting in with any decor. Oak is often thought of as expensive, but when you consider the durability and years of use you will get from your oak wardrobe, it is a wise investment.

Oak wardrobes are available in thousands of different designs and they range from wardrobes that are ready to assemble right up to the finest quality available in the most reputable stores. You can find them in a wide variety and one sure to fit your own personal needs although you best value for money purchase will come if you can find a solid oak wardrobe.

The economy today is affecting every aspect of life. All the more reason to invest in an oak wardrobe, not only is the wardrobe itself an excellent investment, sure to last longer than its original owner, durable, and naturally beautiful. The colors and hues of oak tend to vary depending on the type of oak and the age of the tree that was used to provide the material for construction. Consequently oak wardrobes vary immensely in colors from extremely dark to quite light.

The fashions today can be quite expensive as well, fine cloth and fabrics are protected from just about every form of deterioration when stored in a fine oak wardrobe. Not only is the furniture itself a lovely addition to any home, but it is absolutely a must, if you want to keep your fine fabrics safe from the elements.

You will, of course, save money by buying a less expensive wardrobe that is made from cheaper materials, but it will not last nearly as long as solid oak wardrobes. A real oak wardrobe adds elegance that can not be matched by the imitations available. Nor do the imitation wood used in the less expensive wardrobes protect from the elements.

One of the most elegant pieces of furniture that you can add to your bedroom is a piece of furniture known as an oak wardrobe armoire. These types of wardrobes are usually smaller than full bedroom suites and are prized among collectors and home owners alike for the quality of their construction and the design that is usually quite intricate.

To get the best of all worlds you may also wish to buy a wardrobe that has an oak finish on the outside for the superior look it provides and is made from cedar for the protection from insects on the inside. If you prefer an exquisite piece of furniture or a standard closet, oak is definitely the way to go. It's been used for hundreds of years, by the most affluent people in the world. That alone speaks volumes, kings and queens would not have trusted the robes in the fiberboard imitations that are available today. Why should you?