Contemporary Beauty With Translucent Sliding Wardrobe Doors

When aiming to make an impression in the bedroom you may be best served if you turn to your furniture to do the job for you. There are some ultra-modern looking materials that you can use to turn what would otherwise be a boring, mainstream cupboard into a piece of contemporary craftsmanship.

Smaller rooms containing large storage pieces such as fitted wardrobes or even large stand alone wardrobes require a few little tricks to make the most of the space. Fitting the wardrobes with sliding doors is a basic way to preserve the space in the room and you can fit sliding doors that promote a truly modern appearance in the room.

Your clothes storage does not have to be an unremarkable piece of furniture that goes unnoticed inTranslucent Sliding Built In Doors the room. It can be a stylishly designed wardrobe that stands out for all the right reasons. What would otherwise simply be a cabinet that contains shelves, hanging space and drawers could be turned into a noticeable piece of furniture with a set of sliding translucent wardrobe doors installed in the front.

In some cases the translucent effect of these kinds of doors creates a shadow appearance behind which can supply a subtle hint as to what might be lying behind. It will also allow the room a lighter shade that will give it the impression of being a little larger than it actually is. Clever mood lighting can be placed at the base of the wardrobe just inside the doors so that they cast a soft light from within the cabinets.

Pairing frosted glass panels with other materials such as wood, PVC/vinyl or composite materials gives you the option to mix the colors and styles as you please. A set of translucent sliding wardrobe doors are the kind of doors that you would have custom made so that they are designed to provide you with the exact look that you require. They will make up a large proportion of the room so no matter what you

Another variation on the translucent sliding wardrobe doors theme is an option from the Japanese culture known as Shoji screens. These screens are sliding doors that are made using translucent rice paper and wood. They are particularly delicate looking doors and provide a distinctive Asian flavour to the room.

Translucent Sliding Walk In DoorsAs an entrance into a walk-in wardrobe a set of translucent sliding doors would create a stunning effect at one end of the bedroom. The contemporary appeal of a set of shiny translucent doors leading into a generous dressing area complete with hanging cabinets and open shelves creates a very appealing image indeed.

There are many ways in which wardrobe doors can be set up to provide real value to an existing bedroom. Even an older, more traditional room will find that it is suited to the inclusion of these sorts of doors that may replace the more solid (and darker) wooden doors.

A brief word about safety if you are planning on having a set of translucent sliding doors made for your wardrobes. Whenever using glass panels they must be made from safety glass in order to comply with building code regulations, so make sure that this is the type of glass you are using if you are commissioning the work to be performed by someone other than a building professional.

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