Pine Wardrobes For The Rustic Look

One of the great characteristics of furniture that is made from pine is that it can be adapted into many different looks and can be easily shaped. Pine is a softer type of wood and so not a lot of effort is required to make it appear old and distressed even if it is relatively new.

For this reason a pine wardrobe that you need to match your antique bedroom furnishings can be bought raw and then made to look as though it has been in the family for generations with a little imaginative staining and distressing.

Rustic Pine WardrobePine has long been used as the preferred medium in wardrobe and cabinet making due to the softness of the wood and its ability to be fashioned, planed, routered, etched and chiseled into all sorts of intricate patterns and designs.

But a pine wardrobe doesn’t necessarily have to be a faux rustic wardrobe. Pine has been used for many, many years as the wood of choice when making fine (or even functional) wardrobes and it is possible to walk into any antique and pick up a very stylish wardrobe made in the rustic style.

A pine wardrobe evokes a naturalness and warmth that few other materials can. The knotty pine look gives it an interesting appeal rarely seen and when sealed with a rich dark stain the wood takes on a deep and mysterious patina.

A rustic pine wardrobe will fit straight into the country style bedroom with a look that appears as though it has been there for decades.

Pine wardrobes to choose from, if you’re looking for a particular style or size include a single, double or triple wardrobe which refers to the number of doors wide your wardrobe will be. You may get an arched wardrobe or a flat top. When looking at the bottom of the wardrobe you may go for one that sits squarely on the floor or it may have decorated feet. Pelmets across the top are also popular giving the wardrobe a fancier and appealing to the eye look.

In general, the rustic look when it comes to pine furniture will be a darker shade of wood, so one that has had a liberal dose of shellac or lacquer applied to the veneer. This means that the wood has been well protected over the years, particularly if it is an authentic rustic piece of furniture.