Treating An Unfinished Pine Wardrobe

One of the cheapest types of free standing wardrobes available is a pine wardrobe and if you want to start with a completely blank canvas you can pick up an unfinished pine wardrobe for very little cost. Quite a lot of furniture stores not only stock fully treated and finished wardrobes but also a collection of unfinished stock for those customers who want to perform their own treatment when they get it home.

IF you want to perform your own stain treatment on an unfinished pine wardrobe you will have the opportunity of taking the wardrobe from a clean state and turning it into something else. When you are still in the store you should make sure you examine the wardrobe completely. This means taking a close look at the construction to ensure that all joints have been properly done and that the fixings are solid.

When you have taken possession of the wardrobe you will have to give it a thorough sanding to ensure that it is in a state that is fit to be stained. Unfinished pine wardrobes are sanded before and after construction but the job may be a little rough so you will need to go over it again to satisfy yourself that the job is complete. This means that by the time you get to the end of the job you will have worked your way down to a fine grade sandpaper to get the smoothest, softest finish possible.

If you have never used the stain that you intend on applying to the wardrobe before, it is advisable to apply a small amount to an unobtrusive area first. If the stain looks too dark you can dilute it by adding some water. When you are satisfied that the stain looks as you would expect you should begin to apply by brushing with the grain of the wood. It is important to complete the staining job in one go rather than overlapping various areas, otherwise the job will look patchy and unattractive.

Staining an unfinished pine wardrobe is only one of the many different types of finishes that can be applied. A wax or lacquer finish is also very effective, as is a distressed or lime washed finish. The attraction with buying one of these blank canvases is that you can start with two identical looking wardrobes and, when you have finished with them, they may end up looking nothing alike.

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Devonshire Pine Wardrobes

One of the pre-eminent companies producing quality pine wardrobes in the UK is Devonshire Pine. The wardrobes that come from the company are versatile and represent good value for money with a wide range of different types of wardrobes available across their range. A Devonshire Pine wardrobe would make a very attractive addition to any bedroom and the wardrobe furniture is just one of an entire bedroom suite if you want to complete the room in matching furniture.

There are a number of different models to consider when going through the Devonshire wardrobe range and, contrary to the name of the company, there is also a large range of Devonshire oak wardrobes to choose from too.

Here are a few of the different wardrobes available across the companies various collections.

Devonshire combinationThe Devonshire Badger Pine range uses a traditional construction style to define the wardrobes that are produced. It's possible to get a 2 drawer double wardrobe, an all hanging double wardrobe, an all hanging triple wardrobe or a combination wardrobe. Take a look at the combination wardrobe pictured here in the Devon antique finish. This is a great illustration of the quality of the workmanship that goes into the products.

The wardrobes created from Devonshire are all solid pine wood sourced from sustainable pine forests. The drawers are assembled with dovetailed joints and tongue and groove bases for superior durability. The wardrobe carcases also feature tongue and grooved backs.

The Devonshire Chunky Pine range does not quite contain the array of wardrobes that the Badger Pine range does but the wardrobes available are very attractive looking pieces. You can get a Ladies Wardrobe which is a two-door wardrobe that sits lower than other wardrobes. The Chunky Pine Ladies Wardrobe is also available as a triple. Also available is a very stylish looking corner wardrobe.

The Devonshire Tarka Pine range contains at least six different wardrobe configurations that are worth considering. The Tarka range appears to make strong use of the detail in the pine wood with the natural knots and imperfections giving the furniture great character and appeal.

The wardrobes available in the Tarka Pine style include an all hanging double door wardrobe, a combination wardrobe, an all hanging triple door wardrobe, a triple door wardrobe with 2 deep drawers, two door wardrobe with 2 deep drawers and a midi 2 door wardrobe that stands about two-thirds the height of the other wardrobes.

The Old Mill Pine collection is designed with the higher end of the market in mind. The wardrobes are very elegant and should appeal to most customers with their Rustic Wax finish. In the Old Mill Pine range is the all hanging double door wardrobe, a double door wardrobe, a single wadrobe with a deep drawer below and a massive double wardrobe with 2 deep drawers below.

You will be able to find Devonport Pine wardrobes for sale in any respectable furniture or home furnishing store.

For many more wardrobes from Devonshire Pine you should visit the website where there are brochures available displaying all pieces from each of the company's ranges. Don't forget that the company does not only produce pine wardrobes. If you are after quality oak wardrobes you should also make a point of visiting the company site.

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Considerations When Buying A Solid Pine Wardrobe

If you find that you need some added closet space, then you ought to set aside time for studying the advantages and features of a good solid pine wardrobe. The owner of such a wardrobe will find that, more often than not, the wardrobe furniture they have bought is sturdy and will provide an enduring and stylish cabinet that will last for years.

If you decide to purchase a pine wardrobe, then you it would be wise to shop around and make your choice from a selection of different wooden armoires. Keep in mind the fact that the makers of such wardrobes have created an entire range of designs. They have designed wardrobes for men, for women and for children.

Take a look at some of the different types of pine wardrobes available for sale below.

Palace Imports 5924 Smart Solid Wood Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet in Honey Pine Palace Imports 5924 Smart Solid Wood Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet in Honey Pine
List Price: $429.52
Sale Price: $424.99

This Smart Wardrobe really has a clever design with the variety of options and configurations available. It comes with three features in one: a place for hanging clothes, storing in two drawers and locking it for privacy...

100% Solid Wood Flexible Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet by Palace Imports, Honey Pine Color, 32 100% Solid Wood Flexible Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet by Palace Imports, Honey Pine Color, 32"W x 72"H x 21"D. 1 Shelf, 1 Clothing Rod, 1 Drawer, 1 Lock Included. Additional Shelves Sold Separately.
List Price: $384.02
Sale Price: $379.99

The Flexible Wardrobe, as the name suggests, offers a variety of options and configurations to satisfy many requirements. It comes with four features in one: a place for hanging clothes, shelving, storing in a drawer and locking it for privacy...

Prairie Collection Armoire with Two Drawers - Country Pine Finish by South Shore Prairie Collection Armoire with Two Drawers - Country Pine Finish by South Shore
List Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $184.37

Build the Perfect Bedroom Timeless good looks and country charm make any bedroom feel like home, and the Prairie Collection from South Shore provides peaceful, old-world elegance that lasts. All the little details matter with these pieces...

South Shore Axess 4-Door Armoire, Country Pine South Shore Axess 4-Door Armoire, Country Pine
List Price: $184.50
Sale Price: $179.43

If you’re looking for a versatile storage solution, the Axess collection is just what you need. Once again, this product line simplify your decisions! It’s ingeniously built, with ample storage spaces and a number of potential combinations: what more could you want? We think you’ll appreciate this piece… and so will your wallet! Plastic handles in a Matte Nickel finish...

Palace Imports 5674 100% Solid Wood 3-Sliding Door Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet Or Mudroom Storage 1 5 Small 1 Rod Included. Extra Large Shelves Sold Separately. Requires Assembly, Honey Pine Palace Imports 5674 100% Solid Wood 3-Sliding Door Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet Or Mudroom Storage 1 5 Small 1 Rod Included. Extra Large Shelves Sold Separately. Requires Assembly, Honey Pine
List Price: $619.99
Sale Price: $589.99

A very large wardrobe that stores a lot on a small footprint! with the sliding doors, no precious extra space is needed to open them. Fully customizable, you have total control over the wardrobe's configurations by changing its layout to fit your needs: up to three full shelves can be added, up to three small shelves can be removed and each removable shelf has three adjustable positions...

Before you order any one particular armoire, take the time to get the specifics about each of the many available wardrobes. Learn whether or not the armoire needs to be assembled after it arrives at your residence. Determine the location of the armoire’s drawers. Have they been placed below the hanging clothes or in a separate section next to the section that holds the clothing bar?

It is important that you buy a solid pine wardrobe rather than a cheap and flimsy one so seek out information about the durability of each wardrobe. A wooden piece that has been coated in wax has added durability. Search for information on the stability of any given armoire. A pine wardrobe with dovetail hinges can usually be counted on to remain stable at all times, even while being opened and closed.

Check to see whether or not an advertised armoire includes a mirror. Make note of the type of wood used in construction of that wardrobe. An antique pine wardrobe would probably look a little out of place in a room full of modern furniture. A wardrobe made out of Mexican pine would fit well with the tone of a country styled bedroom. Have an understanding of the nature of the pine involved in the construction of the wardrobe you have your eye on. Some pine is knottier than others, some are dark and some are light.

Finally, be ready to study the finish on each armoire. A pine wardrobe can have a paint finish. It can also have a color washed finish. However, neither of those finishes can showcase the beauty of the wood. If you want guests to appreciate your solid pine wardrobe, then you should think about getting one with a lacquer or wax finish.

Whether large or small, whether equipped with one, two or three doors, a wardrobe made from pine serves as a lovely and functional addition to any bedroom. It alsways pays to carefully decide on the exact style and type of wardrobe furniture you choose to add to your home.


About An Antique Pine Wardrobe

One of the most popular types of wardrobe for the modern home is the pine wardrobe with pine being a light, versatile wood that provides plenty of durability and stability. A pine wardrobe will last for a good many years, particularly if the construction has been completed properly. The proof of the longevity of pine is in the number of antique pine wardrobes that are available both online and in antique stores around the country.

Pine has long been one of the main materials used in the construction of bedroom furniture and an antique pine wardrobe would have just about completed every bedroom at one point or another.

Another name for an antique pine wardrobe is a pine armoire and they are still popular with a lot of fine detail work. In the beginning pine furniture such as wardrobes was first produced in the mid-eighteenth century as built-in pieces of furniture that were made to be painted over. The use of the wood slowly made the transfer to smaller, stand-alone pieces of furniture by the end of the century. They were most common in farm houses and townhouse kitchens.

The more popular material used many years ago was oak and pine was really used as a cheap material for creating reproduction pieces. The thing is, though, those reproduction pieces have survived remarkably well and some of them are now a valued antique wardrobe in their own right.

It’s possible to find antique pine wardrobes in large quantities for very reasonable prices if you know where to look. Every weekend there are many deceased estate sales and liquidation auctions where wardrobes and other antique furniture items are available at low prices.

Buying an antique pine wardrobe from one of these sales will not only save you a lot of money but will also give you a wardrobe that has the potential to have a restoration carried out on it resulting in a highly decorative or desirable piece.


A White Wardrobe Adds Appeal

With the fascination with the shabby chic style of decorating, white furniture has become much more sought after and accepted as the latest fashion statement for the discerning home owner. A white wardrobe represents this style perfectly with the simple elegance of either white or off-white to give you the clean, crisp freshness of a look that never seems to go out of style.

Although natural wood is a clean finish for a wardrobe, a white wardrobe is a great alternative for its simple elegance and the fact that it complements most décor choices. A white wardrobe can be placed in a variety of different settings and still look very much at home. It’s not a color that is going to work as a contrast piece unless the rest of the room is particularly dark, but it gives you the option of featuring in any modern room.

When you paint your wardrobe white, you don’t have to necessarily go for a white that completely obliterates the natural wood grain finish. A white wash can accent the fine grain of a wood wardrobe and can actually enhance the appeal of the wood.

This may particularly be the case if you have bought a pine wardrobe and want to let the distinctive grain and knots that makes pine such a unique type of wood to show through. Choosing a subtle white lacquer or something similar will create a wardrobe that is unspeakably elegant and classy.

The simple lines of a white wardrobe in a modern bedroom will add fresh appeal to the room, serving to help brighten it while also giving you great storage options. The wardrobe may not necessarily be simple, with an ornately decorated piece becoming more subtle and visually appealing when given a white coating.

There are quite a few different options available that you can use to finish your white wardrobe. You may choose to go for the distressed look, the faded washed look or the high gloss satin finish. The nice thing to remember about a white wardrobe is that it will complement just about any décor without appearing garish or out of place.

The white wardrobe is a design option that is always available to use if no other option appeals to you. It can be used as either a contrast or a complement, just as capable of blending in as standing out. It may be fresh or it may be made to look shabby, yet it will still add appeal to the room.