Opaque Glass Wardrobe Doors

Using glass in the creation of wardrobe doors is becoming a popular option and it is a practice that is having some spectacular results. Rather than using clear glass that would effectively put your belongings on display, the alternative is to fit the doors with opaque glass.

White opaque glass is the effect that you are going to get when you create the doors, but the finished product need not be a complete wall of glass. This could look a little overwhelming without any other material to break it up. What looks particularly effective is a door that features another material such as wood or even coloured glass that is broken up by smaller panels of opaque glass.

With some imagination and perhaps some expert advice it is possible to create your own unique look for your wardrobe doors using opaque glass as the feature that helps them stand out.

In the meantime here are some ideas for using opaque glass in the construction of wardrobe doors that gives a pretty good indication of how versatile it can look. Depending on the surrounding materials and the colours that are used, you can either accent with the opaque glass or create a feature look with it.

When you buy or design a fitted wardrobe you will have the option is choosing the doors that are used to front them. The option of opaque glass is a very cost effective one when compared to some of the other choices available. Naturally, pre-made opaque glass doors are going to cost a lot less than the doors that you have custom made.

In some situations the glass may allow a faint shadow to be seen from the outside giving a hint of what may be stored inside. Where this may be particularly effective is if you use a set of large opaque sliding doors in front of the walk-in wardrobe. They can be made floor to ceiling if required and can create the appearance of a feature wall or a faux window and be concealing an entire wardrobe behind.

Opaque glass is only one of the great options available to anyone looking to make a big impression through the doors of their wardrobe. You can achieve the same effect by using translucent sliding doors or mirror wardrobe doors. Take a look at any of these options when considering a new set of replacement wardrobe doors.

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