Olive Kids Wardrobe Knobs For Sale

If you are going to use colour and bright designs to turn your child’s bedroom into a fun playground that simply begs to be used as a place to play and have fun you’ve got to take a look at the range of Olive Kids wardrobe knobs that are available for sale.

It becomes immediately obvious that the Olive Kids knobs are designed to appeal strongly to young children with plenty of vivid colours in use. The playful images of pirates, mermaids, trucks , sports and animals are all set on coloured backgrounds so the knobs are going to stand out on their drawers and wardrobe doors and will be visible anywhere in the room.

These knobs are going to look particularly effective on a brightly painted wardrobe that continues on the spirit of appealing to the kids sense of fun and adventure. At around $5 per wardrobe knob these Olive Kids knobs are terrific value and are a great way to inject life into the room.

Buy Olive Kids wardrobe knobs

In sets of 4 (click on image for more information)

Olive Kids Game On Kids Drawer Knob Set

Flowerland Knob Set For Sale

Olive Kids Knob, SET OF 4 -- Wild Animals

Mermaid Knobs For Sale


Buy Olive Kids Wardrobe Knobs

In sets of 2 (click on image for more information)

Buy an Olive Kids Robot Knob (Set of 2).

Girls Dresserz Sweater Knob For Sale

Olive Kids Boys Dresserz Underwear Knob (Set of 2)

Red Cowgirl Knob - Set of 2 - For Sale

If you don't see the designs that you are looking for there are plenty more, simply click on the link below to

Browse the complete list of Olive Kids wardrobe knobs

These wardrobe knobs are the sort of thing you might like to let your child choose themselves as a way of including them in the design of their own bedroom. Allowing a child to choose the types of small accessories that will help to put the room together is a great way of granting ownershipe of the room to them.

There are many, many more wardrobe knobs available to discover. Find out about some more suppliers by reading more about kids wardrobe knobs.

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