The Traditional Mission Wardrobe

The Mission style of furniture is a rustic, traditional appearance that results in well made, solid looking pieces of furniture. It is a style that was practiced in California around the turn of the twentieth century with one of the best known figures being a craftsman-designer by the name of Gustav Stickley whose furniture became known by the name Mission Oak.

When talking about any piece of furniture that has been constructed following the Mission style you can be assured of a well-constructed piece that will be completely reliable and will last virtually forever. A Mission wardrobe is the kind of wardrobe that you would buy if you were planning a bedroom in a traditional style.

Some of the most beautiful wardrobes have been made in the Mission style with the clean lines and hard angles softened by the use of an effective finish. The wardrobes are invariably constructed of oak and are dark and imposing giving you the impression that your clothes are going to be well protected inside.

A Mission wardrobe will have been handmade and the joinery will generally have been done with close attention to detail. When the original Mission furniture pieces were created there was noticeable attention paid to construction techniques that resulted in particularly solid joints and the use of straight pieces of wood rather than arches and other decorative designs. It’s these straight lines that typify the mission style.

If you have doubts about whether the wardrobe you want to buy is an authentic Mission wardrobe there are a few things to look for.

The wardrobe will be made completely from solid wood, never from such materials as MDF or particle board. The joints are usually exposed and feature dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints. These types of joinery techniques give the mission furniture pieces their incredible strength and ensure their longevity.

An authentic mission wardrobe would never have been painted, at least not originally. The natural grain of the wood was used in all of its glory with a technique known as quarter-sawing supplying a variation in the wood color to give it the necessary contrasts.

The reason that people today are still looking for a Mission style wardrobe for their bedrooms is because of the reliability of the woodwork craftsmanship that go into the furniture. The look of these wardrobes also has some attraction and anyone decorating a rustic styled bedroom would find that a Mission wardrobe would suit it perfectly.

One of the furniture companies that specialize in this kind of furniture is Sauder Woodworking, a company that has makes ready to assemble wood furniture of outstanding quality. A Sauder Mission wardrobe is just one of the fine, solid pieces of furniture that many people have come to know as a wardrobe to depend on.

No matter whether you are after an antique Mission wardrobe or one that was made more recently following the mission style, you can be confident that the wardrobe you buy is a solid piece. Make sure that it is in a state where the natural wood grain is showcased to its best potential particularly if it is an oak wardrobe.