An Antique French Wardrobe

When examining and, perhaps, hunting down antique French wardrobes the most likely style of furniture that you would be looking for would be those of Louis XIII and Louis XIV. Both styles are distinctive and represent specific times during the history of France. The antique wardrobes that were produced under each king were elaborately ornate and remarkable.

The High Renaissance period came to its climax during the reign of Louis XIII when decoration proliferated in great numbers. The popular types of wood that were used for the wardrobes as well as most other pieces of furniture from this time were walnut and ebony. These two types of wood, while being the principal wood, a popular habit was to create panels, columns and marquetry with gilt bronze and tortoiseshell.

The wardrobes made during the reign of Louis XIV were Baroque in style. Foliage and animals carved into the pieces was popular and mythical creatures were commonly depicted. The detailed inlays and marquetry were found in large quantities and materials such as tortoiseshell, bone, ivory, tin, mother-of-pearl and others were part of the intricate detail work.

Finding an antique French wardrobe that represents either of the styles mentioned above would be a significant find and would certainly create a feature piece for any bedroom. The cabinetry was all about the show and was meant to signify the riches that were contained within.

There is no doubt that buying an antique French wardrobe would be a significant occasion and if you don’t really know what you are looking at it might be an idea to get an independent professional to do an appraisal for you.