Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Fitted bedroom wardrobes are available from most quality home furnishing stores as well as specialist wardrobe suppliers. You may choose to buy the wardrobe and have the trained professionals come and install it for you or you may prefer to go the DIY option and install your fitted wardrobe yourself.

The installation of these units are generally an easy task for those with any kind of handyman experience, so installing your own fitted wardrobes should not be a task that is too daunting. There may be warranty implications if you choose to do it yourself.

One of the big drawcards to installing fitted bedroom wardrobes is the fact that you get to design the entire unit from top to bottom, inside and out. For most people the thought of this much control and freedom is hugely appealing.

The options available to you are many, not only in the materials that you can use of the exterior features but also in the design layout of the shelves, hanging space and drawers. If you feel as though you need more hanging space than shelving then you are free to design your wardrobe that way. If you prefer to add a lot of shelf space at the expense of some of the hanging space then this will be up to you as well.

You can buy fitted bedroom wardrobes in all kinds of finishes from solid wood to expensive looking lacquer and modern laminate. Translucent sliding doors, frosted glass paneling or the ever popular mirror doors are also viable options, as are the more exotic such as Japanese style paneled doors or perhaps a more artistic painted finish. Whatever you choose your new bedroom wardrobes will play a large part in setting a new tone in the bedroom.

It is possible to get as plain or imaginative as you like, the choice is up to you. Some fitted furniture companies can assist with the design of the exterior and help out with suggestions on what might work in certain sized rooms and what will look too much. Make sure you seek out the advice of the experts who will have fitted and installed many wardrobes in the past.

When it comes to the interior of the fitted wardrobe you should be faced with a large amount of storage space to fill. Fitted wardrobes usually take up floor to ceiling and wall to wall space. The amount of storage space that this equates to is just staggering, particularly if you are used to cramming all of your clothes and personal belongings into a smaller stand-alone wardrobe.

To make the most of the space that you will be getting you can talk to a wardrobe storage designer who will help you with the layout of your new wardrobe furniture.

The main point to consider when deciding on a fitted bedroom wardrobe is that the room will be a little smaller, the bed and remaining furniture will still have to fit in and the décor will be dependent largely on the new wardrobe. Take your time in deciding on an exterior look so that your bedroom will be an even more welcoming place to lay your head down at night.

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Benefits of a Fitted Wardrobe

When selecting a wardrobe, your storage requirements should be your primary concern. Also think about the space you have for the wardrobes. While selecting the wardrobes you should consider that it enhances your storage requirements, should give a stylish look, and it should be affordable as well. When you are choosing a wardrobe for your house, select the fitted wardrobes preferably.

If you have small space, a fitted wardrobe can fit easily in your room. These wardrobes will provide you with the extra storage option, and it will also enhance the beauty of the room. You can put additional storage options in these wardrobes such as hanging space, drawers, and shelves. You can even add a few cubbies, and shoes racks in the wardrobes. Thus you can enhance the storage space of the fitted wardrobes. While it is possible to install the wardrobe yourself, many people choose to simply call in the professionals who will make the job a simple one. 

You can customize your wardrobes as per your specific demands and requirements. The fitted wardrobes offers you the maximum storage space. Custom-built fitted wardrobes gives you the chance to create a space in your house, and organize your clothing, accessories, shoes, bags etc. precisely. The custom-built fitted wardrobes are stylish and have a professional look. There are legions of choices available in the market for these types of wardrobes. They are either made of wood, or you can add accessories giving the wardrobes a more professional and stylish look. You can also select the wood and the color of the wardrobe that matches the furniture of your house.

Many different convenient features of the fitted wardrobes makes it more attractive and beneficial. Some wardrobes have sliding doors. This makes it easy for you to store your items, and get it easily when required. The sliding doors are good for the kids also. It has numerous hanging spaces. Now you can divide your clothes in different areas such as for the office, and for the party. In order to maximize your hanging area, you should use this area preferably for the hanging dresses only such as coats, and other items requiring drop off. The wardrobes have drawers. You can push these drawers and find the items you need instantly.

The fitted wardrobes are designed in a way that satisfies all your needs. It can store all the items and takes tiny space so that no space is wasted. A striking advantage of the built in wardrobe is that it smooths the angled rooms by utilizing each and every corner as the storage space. Now you have sufficient space for the storage.


Fitted Wardrobe Or Stand Alone Wardrobe?

The question of which kind of wardrobe you will add to your bedroom could be a very important one, particularly if you aren’t sure exactly how long you will be living in your present house. There are advantages and disadvantages in choosing a fitted wardrobe over a stand alone wardrobe. Factors such as required storage space and the cost are going to figure in your decision making process, but there are also some other considerations to make as well.

The number one factor that may determine whether you buy a fitted wardrobe is the storage space requirements. A fitted wardrobe will give you a lot more room for storage options than even the largest free standing wardrobe. When you install a fitted wardrobe you usually build it from one wall to the other allowing the entire space to be devoted to the wardrobe itself. Additionally, the wardrobe will span from floor to ceiling making complete use of the area.

The alternate view to this may be that space in the bedroom is at a premium and there is simply nowhere for a fitted wardrobe to be installed. In this case your only option may be to fit a stand alone wardrobe into whatever space you have. By buying an elegant looking wardrobe you can add some old-style class to the bedroom making a feature piece of your main storage item.

The cost of a fitted wardrobe is inevitably going to be higher than a stand alone piece. Firstly, you can’t buy a fitted wardrobe and simply drag it into your room and begin using it, it has to be constructed and installed and this is usually done by a wardrobe installation professional. Often the materials used to make a fitted wardrobe will be more expensive than, say, a pine wardrobe.

When installing a fitted wardrobe you will be faced with a plethora of storage design choices that will allow you to personalise the way in which the wardrobe is set up. If you have a greater need for hanging storage over shelves or drawers, then you can set the wardrobe interior to cater for this need. Similarly, if you have a lot of shoes, then shoe shelves might dominate one part of the wardrobe. There are many different layout options open to you with a fitted wardrobe which is simply not available when using a stand alone wardrobe. You also have the option of redesigning the layout of the wardrobe if your circumstances change and doing so will not be a particularly costly exercise.

The façade of your fitted wardrobe is also a personalised option and can be chosen to complement the existing décor of your room. Regardless of whether you go for a modern contemporary look or a more rustic traditional, the doors and frames of your fitted wardrobe can be chosen or custom made so that the wardrobe looks as though it has always been a part of the room.

One drawback that might hold some people back from choosing a fitted wardrobe over a stand alone wardrobe is that once the wardrobe has been installed, it is part of the house. If circumstances change and you have to move, the wardrobe won’t be going with you. Your stand-alone wardrobe can be simply packed up and moved on to the next house ensuring that your storage solution will be coming with you. All of the expense and decision making that comes with a fitted wardrobe may have to be repeated every time you move to a new house.

Choosing a wardrobe is a very personal decision and should be made based on your own requirements and aesthetic personality. It may come down to the extra storage space you gain from putting in your own fitted wardrobe or it may come down to a desire to give your home the traditional appeal of a large, ornate wooden wardrobe. Whichever way you lean, make sure that when you’re done, you have given yourself enough storage space.