Devonshire Pine Wardrobes

One of the pre-eminent companies producing quality pine wardrobes in the UK is Devonshire Pine. The wardrobes that come from the company are versatile and represent good value for money with a wide range of different types of wardrobes available across their range. A Devonshire Pine wardrobe would make a very attractive addition to any bedroom and the wardrobe furniture is just one of an entire bedroom suite if you want to complete the room in matching furniture.

There are a number of different models to consider when going through the Devonshire wardrobe range and, contrary to the name of the company, there is also a large range of Devonshire oak wardrobes to choose from too.

Here are a few of the different wardrobes available across the companies various collections.

Devonshire combinationThe Devonshire Badger Pine range uses a traditional construction style to define the wardrobes that are produced. It's possible to get a 2 drawer double wardrobe, an all hanging double wardrobe, an all hanging triple wardrobe or a combination wardrobe. Take a look at the combination wardrobe pictured here in the Devon antique finish. This is a great illustration of the quality of the workmanship that goes into the products.

The wardrobes created from Devonshire are all solid pine wood sourced from sustainable pine forests. The drawers are assembled with dovetailed joints and tongue and groove bases for superior durability. The wardrobe carcases also feature tongue and grooved backs.

The Devonshire Chunky Pine range does not quite contain the array of wardrobes that the Badger Pine range does but the wardrobes available are very attractive looking pieces. You can get a Ladies Wardrobe which is a two-door wardrobe that sits lower than other wardrobes. The Chunky Pine Ladies Wardrobe is also available as a triple. Also available is a very stylish looking corner wardrobe.

The Devonshire Tarka Pine range contains at least six different wardrobe configurations that are worth considering. The Tarka range appears to make strong use of the detail in the pine wood with the natural knots and imperfections giving the furniture great character and appeal.

The wardrobes available in the Tarka Pine style include an all hanging double door wardrobe, a combination wardrobe, an all hanging triple door wardrobe, a triple door wardrobe with 2 deep drawers, two door wardrobe with 2 deep drawers and a midi 2 door wardrobe that stands about two-thirds the height of the other wardrobes.

The Old Mill Pine collection is designed with the higher end of the market in mind. The wardrobes are very elegant and should appeal to most customers with their Rustic Wax finish. In the Old Mill Pine range is the all hanging double door wardrobe, a double door wardrobe, a single wadrobe with a deep drawer below and a massive double wardrobe with 2 deep drawers below.

You will be able to find Devonport Pine wardrobes for sale in any respectable furniture or home furnishing store.

For many more wardrobes from Devonshire Pine you should visit the website where there are brochures available displaying all pieces from each of the company's ranges. Don't forget that the company does not only produce pine wardrobes. If you are after quality oak wardrobes you should also make a point of visiting the company site.

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