Built In Wardrobe Features

Built in wardrobe features are storage facilities that include shelving, hangers and drawers that are fitted permanently into a room in the house. They are used to hold clothing, shoes and other accessories. They are perfect for holding other items as well, but they are mostly used for clothing. There are many ways to design these types of shelves and they all carry different names such as, flat pack, hinged and module. The best way to create a wardrobe of this nature is to fit out a 'walk-and-roll' or use fixtures with built in features.

The robe is made up of a shelf tower, tracks, rods, divisions, shelf/drawer shelves, U channels and doors. The builder can make up this design in any way they see fit based on personal preference or circumstances. Built in wardrobe features can be constructed to any width or height that you desire, depending on the room that you want to install it.

There is no limit to the type of material that the exterior of the wardrobe may be made of. Glass, mirror, laminate, wood, metal or plastic, it really comes down to a matter of personal taste. Regular wood colors are also used.

A hinged door wardrobe can be customized to fit or alternatively you can go with a sliding wardrobe door. To make a solid robe, the cabinets are connected together. There are many built in wardrobe door styles with this option that can be customized to suit, although a standard height reaches 2700mm. Doors can be left raw if they are being built by contractors or they can be finished with a substance called routered polyurethane. It really is all up to the budget of the consumer. Built in wardrobe doors can be seen as one of the most important aspects of creating the wardrobe because this is part that visitors will see. It will help set the mood of the bedroom.

Since most custom hinged wardrobes do not use walls, contained cupboards are added to the internal layout which can then be easily assembled using a construction system called dowel.

It is not necessary to hire a contractor to install your wardrobe, although it does save a lot of time, work and effort. The alternative is to buy a pre-made built in wardrobe kit. DIY built in wardrobes are available in kit form with simple instructions included. Some of these kits contain different styles, shapes and unique designs. In some cases, a built-in grid will be included in order to protect the furniture from dust and it also allows good airflow through the door panels. Standard wardrobe interiors are usually made of solid wood, melamine carcass or MDF. Most of the colors come in the typical orange, oak, yellow and maple.

To assist with the organization of the built in wardrobe design, there is a wide range of accessories available to provide specialized storage options. You might like to start with a typical wardrobe organizer which will give you a basic layout to start from. This layout might include some shelves, hanging rods and perhaps a shoe rack.

Choosing the perfect wardrobe will start with the built in wardrobe plans, crucial for the interior design and maximizing the available space. Exterior features are the next to worry about and then the trimmings and accessories round off the package.