Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

When looking for new fitted wardrobes for the bedroom you can either go with what comes standard with the company installation or you can take the option that gives you more control over what you’re getting and choose bespoke fitted wardrobes. With bespoke fitted wardrobes you are able to choose all aspects of the wardrobe interior. Naturally there are advantages to buying this kind of wardrobe but there are also a couple of disadvantages too.

Let’s deal with the disadvantages first. When you are installing a bespoke fitted wardrobe it is imperative that you know exactly what you want. You must be able to specify the exact dimensions of the hanging space, the shelf space and the drawer space. You should be the kind of person who is organized enough to understand all aspects of the wardrobe you are asking to be built. The materials that go into the exterior as well as the interior design and layout. If this isn’t you then you may want to defer to a storage design professional to help.

Because a lot of effort is required to go into a wardrobe that is built to your specifications, you may find that the process takes a lot longer than you would expect. If time is an issue for you it may be necessary to choose an option that will give you your wardrobe faster.

The other obstacle you may find holding you back from choosing a bespoke fitted wardrobe is the cost that comes with having a custom built piece of furniture built. Price may not be an obstacle for everyone but you are undergoing a construction job that is being performed by a master craftsman and this is going to cost a little more. In some cases the space in which the bespoke fitted wardrobe is being fitted into may be unusual and this will also mean added time and money.

But these are small disadvantages to the great advantage you will have of being in complete control over the wardrobe that you’re getting.

Because everyone’s room sizes are different it is almost impossible to buy a standard fitted wardrobe that will fit nicely into the room. Some kind of custom work is required. By having the entire wardrobe custom made you can be sure that it will fit perfectly into your room.

You can control the style of the wardrobe. You get to choose the trims, the finishes, the materials that make up the look of the wardrobe. You can ensure that it fits in with the rest of the décor in the room.

You can adjust the design of the interior of the wardrobe to suit the amount of clothes you have to store. As mentioned earlier, if you have a large proportion of clothes that require hanging space, then you will be able to devote a greater part of the wardrobe to hangers. Or if you have a lot of shoes that need housing, shoe storage can be especially made larger.

In the end it will be up to your taste and your needs and a bespoke fitted wardrobe gives you the control that is essential in ensuring that your needs are met properly.