Berryware Wardrobe Knobs For Sale

The ceramic balls that dominate the range of Berryware wardrobe knobs provide a great opportunity to inject a splash of color into the room.

These knobs would look particularly effective if placed on a wardrobe that has undergone a major paintjob, particularly if the paint were to exhibit the bright colours that children love. The cool touch of a ceramic knob is also something to be enjoyed and it will prove to be a very durable wardrobe knob that should withstand the rigors of daily use.

Take a look at the various Berryware knobs for sale from those that are displayed below. Remember that there are more Berryware knobs available if you don’t find the design that suits the look of the room or wardrobe.

Buy A Berryware Wardrobe Knob


Pink Ceramic Ball For Sale

Green Striped Ceramic Wardrobe Knob For Sale

Multicoloured Striped Wardrobe Knob For Sale

Orange Ceramic Wardrobe Knob For Sale

If you can't find what you're looking for displayed above you can always keep browsing by clicking on the link below to:

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Although the knobs that are listed above have been called wardrobe knobs there is no reason why they can’t be used on dresser drawers elsewhere in the room or, indeed, the house.

The entire line of Berryware products feature the bright colours that you will find in the door and drawer knobs in the kid’s bedroom. Using the knobs elsewhere in the house means that they can match other items in a room. Salt and pepper shakers, bowls, teapots and canisters are all made by the company and they all feature the bold use of colours in their designs.

There are many, many more wardrobe knobs available to discover. Find out about some more suppliers by reading more about kids wardrobe knobs.

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