About An Antique Pine Wardrobe

One of the most popular types of wardrobe for the modern home is the pine wardrobe with pine being a light, versatile wood that provides plenty of durability and stability. A pine wardrobe will last for a good many years, particularly if the construction has been completed properly. The proof of the longevity of pine is in the number of antique pine wardrobes that are available both online and in antique stores around the country.

Pine has long been one of the main materials used in the construction of bedroom furniture and an antique pine wardrobe would have just about completed every bedroom at one point or another.

Another name for an antique pine wardrobe is a pine armoire and they are still popular with a lot of fine detail work. In the beginning pine furniture such as wardrobes was first produced in the mid-eighteenth century as built-in pieces of furniture that were made to be painted over. The use of the wood slowly made the transfer to smaller, stand-alone pieces of furniture by the end of the century. They were most common in farm houses and townhouse kitchens.

The more popular material used many years ago was oak and pine was really used as a cheap material for creating reproduction pieces. The thing is, though, those reproduction pieces have survived remarkably well and some of them are now a valued antique wardrobe in their own right.

It’s possible to find antique pine wardrobes in large quantities for very reasonable prices if you know where to look. Every weekend there are many deceased estate sales and liquidation auctions where wardrobes and other antique furniture items are available at low prices.

Buying an antique pine wardrobe from one of these sales will not only save you a lot of money but will also give you a wardrobe that has the potential to have a restoration carried out on it resulting in a highly decorative or desirable piece.


What To Look For When Buying An Antique Wardrobe

Usually a purchase of opportunity, finding the perfect antique wardrobe can involve a lot of searching as well as rejecting many possible worthy pieces. It will come down to a number of important factors, some of them general to everyone and some of them specific to you.

The authentic dark oak wardrobes of the past can bring tradition and history into the home, while the presence of them alone creates awe in anyone that is witness to their grandeur. Perhaps it is the distressed look coupled with the lightly sweet smell of age and wear, whatever the case, there is still a place for the antique wardrobe in the modern environment. Another name for this type of wardrobe is antique wardrobe armoire.

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Antique 2 Door Wardrobe

What should the buyer be looking out for when searching for the perfect antique wardrobe? The potential buyer needs to make sure that the compartments, or the doors for the garment area are still functional, sturdy and that they are not stuck or jammed in some way.

One of the things that set an antique wardrobe apart from many newer models is that they are not replete with all of the unnecessary gadgetry. In general, wardrobes were made purely for functional reasons with storage of general belongings heading the list of requirements.

If the antique wardrobe has cracked mirrors, then the buyer needs to decide if they are worth replacing, or if perhaps there is another choice: one that still has the original mirrors. Keep in mind, some wear-and-tear is good, and in fact that is part of the attraction for many folks; so do not automatically assume that all scratches are necessarily bad. Many of the antique wardrobes were made with brass handles, or mirrors outside the doors; these are some of the things to look for to capture that early nineteenth-century look.

The pine wardrobe is perhaps the most sought after antique because of its durability, and merely owning one shows that the individual is touching a piece of the past, there is an obvious connection that owners feel upon receiving something handed down from a previous century. The look of an antique pine wardrobe blends in nicely with many types of decor which also makes it a versatile piece of furniture.

Furthermore, most wardrobes built in the nineteenth century were crafted with precision, with complete dedication and love, for it is the energy that has been put into these wardrobes that creates the desire to own one.

A few tips for choosing the right antique wardrobe: decide on the shape and size before looking at possibilities. Even though style is of utmost importance, pay attention to the possibility of getting the wardrobe you want cheaply. There are often special deals surrounding the sale of antique wardrobes and picking one up at a bargain basement price will only make the purchase even more special to you. Ensure that the wardrobe will fit into the room you intend on placing it in, taking a tape measure with you when you go wardrobe shopping is essential.

Despite some relative damage, make sure that the wardrobe is durable and built to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use. An antique wardrobe may look good on the showroom floor, yet it may stick out in an unsatisfactory way upon placing it in the home. Read up on the many ways in which to take care of the wardrobe—perhaps various oils, dusting, etc, will ensure your new antique wardrobe will last a long time.

An additional piece of furniture that may also complement the wardrobe in the bedroom is something like an antique wardrobe trunk which harks back to the days when it was necessary to carry a lot of clothes when travelling. These days antique wardrobe trunks make wonderful furniture items in the room that also provide valuable storage.

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