Replacement Wardrobe Doors

There are quite a few benefits to installing a fitted bedroom wardrobe, many of them to do with the added storage they provide in the room. But one of the little bonuses you get is the ability to easily alter the doors. If you need to buy replacement wardrobe doors they are readily available from door manufacturers regardless of whether you have a custom-built wardrobe or a standard sized one.

As with all types of furniture, your built-in wardrobe can be damaged in any number of ways and as the face of the wardrobe, the doors will bear the brunt of whatever knocks are going to occur. Replacement wardrobe doors can be bought in just about any style that you desire which enables you to alter the entire look of the bedroom if you feel the need.

In some cases it might be easiest to simply return to the wardrobe installation experts where you originally bought your wardrobe for a replacement quote. However, you don’t have to be tied to the one supplier. Sliding wardrobe doors are fairly standard in their operation and so you should be able to buy a replacement door from any supplier. This gives you the freedom to shop around and base your selection of a new door on the style, colour and look rather than be limited by the range from a single dealer.

When you have bought you new doors and have had them delivered, installing them yourself should be a simple process. It would probably be a good idea to have the old, unwanted doors taken away at the same time to avoid having to find storage space for them.

The simplest wardrobe doors to replace are obviously going to be sliding wardrobe doors because they can be simply lifted off their tracks and the new doors placed on. Hinged wardrobe doors will require the same careful measurements and may have to be custom made when you go out to buy new ones. Installing the doors yourself will simply take a little more work to ensure they are hung straight.

It doesn’t matter whether you require glass doors, mirror doors, translucent sliding doors, pine doors or laminate doors they are all available in a staggering array of styles and colours. Similarly you may want to update from mirror wardrobe doors to a solid, painted finish or change from louvered wood to frosted glass. By replacing the doors of your bedroom wardrobe you will be able to update the look of the room effortlessly and at little cost compared to the cost that some makeovers run to.

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