Sierra Lifestyles Wardrobe Knobs

The Sierra Lifestyles wardrobe knobs feature all of the designs that you would expect to find in the west from horses to antlers, canoes and buffalo. The knobs and pulls are available in 4 colors: black, pewter antique brass and bronzed black.

Scenes from the Wild West are featured in some of the more elaborate types of pulls. No matter what type of design you can think of there is very likely going to be a Sierra Lifestyles knob that has been created that represents it.

The rustic charm of the Sierra Lifestyle knobs are truly unique and will be suitable affixed to any wooden cabinet or wardrobe. You will find a huge range of knobs made by the company in either pewter or molded resin.

Here is a small selection of some of the most popular wardrobe knobs and pulls from the Sierra Lifestyles collection.

Buy an Antique Bronze Pelican Cabinet Knob

Buy A Deer Antler Knob

Buy A White Deer Burr Knob

Buy A Black Bronze Buffalo Knob

If you think you would like to see more of the company's products you can choose to:

Browse the complete list of Sierra Lifestyles knobs and pulls

Take the following list of knobs made by the company as a brief list of those that are available: maple leaf knob, oak leaf knob, fleur de lis knob, bear knob, bear with claw knob, grizzly knob, elk knob, deer knob, standing deer knob, moose knob, grapes knob, pine cone knob, tree knob, acorn knob.

Molded resin antler knobs are available as well with each of those that feature resin designs having been sculpted by a noted artist and then individually hand painted.

These are the unusual types of wardrobe knobs and pulls that would look remarkable in a child’s bedroom. The animal motifs that are represented are exceptional in their detail and any child would be fascinated by the look of them. Any child with the slightest interest in nature, camping or animals will be overjoyed to have a wardrobe adorned with any of the knobs or pulls from the Sierra Lifestyles collection.

There are many, many more wardrobe knobs available to discover. Find out about some more suppliers by reading more about kids wardrobe knobs.

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Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Depending on your needs and the type of room that you are furnishing there may be wardrobes that you can consider to be the best wardrobe designs, but a design that you consider to be perfect for your needs may not measure up to someone else’s. Similarly, a wardrobe that works very well in the lounge room may not be large enough to supply you with enough storage in the bedroom.

Bedroom wardrobes are possibly the most commonly used wardrobes and come in a range of different designs. The design you choose will depend on a number of factors including the style that you wish to furnish your bedroom in, the amount of space you have available and whether you want the wardrobe to remain permanently fixed to the room or able to be taken with you when you leave.

When talking about wardrobe designs you might consider one of three wardrobe options: walk-in, fitted or stand-alone.

When designing a fitted wardrobe you will have to take into consideration the type of wardrobe doors you will need. Are they going to be sliding doors or swinging doors? Will they be made from oak, pine, glass or plastic? What color will they be painted? What about the patterns that will feature on the front…or should they be plain? Here is some more information about what to think of when buying a fitted wardrobe.

The stand-alone wardrobe comes in many guises. From the simple single door pine wardrobe to the large bedroom suite with 3 and even 4 doors there is a tremendous range of choices available to you. Buying a stand-alone wardrobe gives you a great deal of flexibility. You don’t necessarily have to walk into a furniture store and hope the wardrobe you think will meet all of your storage needs will be sitting on display. If you have something specific in mind you can commission a wardrobe to be made especially to your specifications, catering to the needs that you believe you will have. This is known as a custom-made wardrobe and there are many master craftsmen available who can build a wardrobe to spec.

Naturally, custom-made wardrobes cost a great deal more than wardrobes that have been made in bulk, but by doing it this way you have more control over the materials used, the dimensions of the cabinet, the interior and its configuration and the detailing that is added to the exterior.

Wardrobe design within the wardrobe itself is a very important factor for maximising the amount of space that is available. There are storage solutions available that will provide you with extra hanging space and added shelf space that you may not have even realized was available. The decision between how much long hanging space and how much short hanging space will have to be worked out before you start stocking your new wardrobe. Take a look at this brief article about wardrobe storage.

Walk in wardrobes are very popular for the simple reason that they provide you with ample amounts of storage that is kept in what appears to be a room all of its own. Who wouldn’t want the luxury of simply walking into a small room where their clothes are hung along the walls and simply making a choice without having to dig through the tight confines of a wardrobe?

The walk in wardrobe is not going to be available for every person for the simple reason that they require more space than many homes can provide.

No matter what type of wardrobe you end up looking for you can be comforted to know that whatever your needs and preferences, they will be covered in a store somewhere. And if they aren't, you can have them made for you.

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Japanese Style Wardrobe Doors

The idea of creating a look that is different to the norm is high on the list of design creations for many people. In the western world, different can often send thoughts east to the Orient. Types of doors that will have impact for the fact that they are not seen as often are Japanese style wardrobe doors.

The proper name for these panels is a shoji screen and they are simple and elegant in their design and appearance. They are at their most appealing when made from wood and paper in the traditional way and are perfect for setting up a themed room.

Shoji screens are able to be adapted for use in a number of different applications, one of which is as sliding wardrobe doors. But they can also be put to work as static screens, folding doors or even as a wardrobe wall to create a more eye-catching wardrobe.

Because of the light materials with which these screens are made they will help to lighten the room. They will also form an impressive backdrop to other furniture pieces in the room ensuring that the clean lines feature prominently in the room.

One of the big bonuses with using shoji screens as your wardrobe door of choice is the ease with which they can be installed. The weight of these screens is far less than the normal weight of built in wardrobe doors and so carrying them into the house and putting them into place is a far easier task than would otherwise be necessary.

Similarly the price of Japanese style wardrobe doors is considerably cheaper than what you would have to pay for other materials such as solid wood, mirror or glass. When you consider what these screens are made from, rice paper and light timber slats, it is little wonder that the costs are kept quite low.

In some cases it is possible to furnish the room with imitation Japanese style wardrobe doors using the same basic look and design but with different materials. This would give you the attractive look of the shoji screens but they would be far more durable. Sliding wardrobe doors made from opaque or frosted glass and framed with wood can be an option that recreates this look for you.

Moving away from the idea of shoji screens for a minute, some people may think of cherry blossoms or kanji figures hand-painted onto wardrobe doors as more of what they were imagining when they were hit with the idea of Japanese style wardrobe doors. This is another option that will also provide you with wardrobe doors that give you a real Japanese feel.

Japanese artwork and styles that are distinctive as hailing from Japan are just as relevant if you are attempting to decorate in a way that will pay homage to the Japanese culture and style. There are many ways in which it can be done so as to create a tasteful and elegant bedroom design incorporating the Japanese features.

The doors featured here could be classed as part of the range of premium wardrobe doors that are being made and used today.

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Corner Wardrobe Designs

Generally speaking, the reason most people go looking for corner wardrobe designs is to give themselves the most appropriate wardrobe they can possibly create in a small space. The types of designs that you have at your disposal are actually endless because custom made furniture can be designed to fit into whatever room or space is available. But there are two corner wardrobe designs that are the most common what buying a pre-made wardrobe.

The first of these types of corner wardrobes is the basic L-shaped wardrobe. This type of wardrobe looks kind of like two wardrobes that run along the adjoining walls and meet up in the corner. The option of what types of doors you place on these wardrobes is also something that could prove to be a difficult decision to have to make. Sliding doors or swinging doors can both be fitted on an L-shaped wardrobe.

One of the features of an L-shaped wardrobe is that it is possible to have them made with one side longer than the other. These types of wardrobe provide you with a sizeable amount of storage while maximizing the room left in the bedroom to walk around in.

The other option for the corner storage problem is the 45 degree corner wardrobe unit. This is the type of wardrobe that is fitted into the corner with the back of the unit angled to fit the space. The door of this type of corner unit faces the room at a 45 degree angle to the walls and grants you with open access to the entire wardrobe.

The bonus of using the 45 degree angled corner wardrobe is that the storage space area is very deep, reaching further in to the wall than expected. The amount of space required is not large yet you are afforded a sizable storage cabinet. Some people find that the depth of the wardrobe can be quite large and if they are already pressed for space in the room the 45 degree corner unit sticks too far out into the room and actually feels as though it is taking up more room than is necessary.

Unusually shaped rooms and corners that are not 90 degrees or that are graduated may require a custom designed corner wardrobe. The only difference with having one of these types of wardrobes installed will be the fact that they will cost more because of the special work required in getting the fit exactly right.

A further option, particularly if you feel you are handy enough with the tools and wood is to create your own corner wardrobe. For some this is going to be a major undertaking and will require greater than usual woodworking skills.

The ideal type of situation to place a corner wardrobe is as a display cabinet with the 45 degree wardrobe the only choice you would want to consider. These wardrobes would be glass-fronted and feature display shelves that will allow you to show off your finish crockery, crystal collection or Wedgewood.

Find out more about the corner wardrobe cabinet and the different ways it can be used in the home.


One World Kids Wardrobe Knobs and Drawer Pulls For Sale

Dedicated to providing products that can be used in a child’s room, One World Kids knobs are sure to provide colour and a fun look at little cost. Wardrobe door knobs and drawer pulls are painted in bright colors and are made from wood with glued and screwed metal inserts.

They are the perfect way to add a splash of fun to a part of the room that may otherwise remain plain and unadorned.

The One World Kids knobs consist of designs that will suit all tastes with categories such as Sports and Transport, Something’s Fishy, Fields of Flowers, Daisy Garden, Surf’s Up, Shootin’ Stars and Girls, Girls, Girls.

All of the wardrobe door knobs and drawer pulls create a feeling of whimsy and should give the kids a feature that will help to brighten their rooms.

Buy One World Kids Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Buy A Handpainted Toy Car Drawer Pull

Buy a Magenta Flower Drawer Pull

Buy a Racing Car Wardrobe Drawer Knob

Buy A Large Maui Wowie Drawer Pull

Browse the entire list of One World Kids wardrobe knobs and drawer pulls.

One of the features with the drawer pulls designed and available from One World Kids is that they are not the standard small door knobs that you might be used to. Instead there are pulls available measuring 4” x 4” and even larger.

These wardrobe door knobs are drawer pulls are going to more than simply provide you with a small image that may or may not be noticed when a visitor enters the room. Instead they are large enough so that they will feature as a stand-out item that is crucial to the design and style of the room.

The price of One World Kids door knobs and drawer pulls are some of the most reasonable you could wish for, particularly when you consdier they have been hand-crafted and hand painted.

There are many, many more wardrobe knobs available to discover. Find out about some more suppliers by reading more about kids wardrobe knobs.

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