Kids Wardrobe Knobs

There are a lot of ways you can dress up the kid’s bedroom to make it a lighter, brighter and more colourful place for them to sleep and play. You should take the opportunity to create some fun in the room wherever you can and there are small touches you can add to the room.

Just the simple act of replacing the door knobs on the wardrobe with specific kids wardrobe knobs can enable you to add some of their favourite images into the room. It is possible to buy wardrobe knobs featuring smiley faces, soccer balls, animals or simply bright colours. The simple act of replacing the original wardrobe knobs with a set of novelty kids knobs can change the tone of the entire room into something more cheerful and playful. The great thing is that they cost very little making it a mini makeover task that you can achieve with a tiny budget.

If the kids bedroom is colourful in all other aspects, you don’t want a set of boring wardrobe knobs to bring the tone of the room down. The list of different types of knobs is almost endless. If it is small, roundish and can provide your child with something to grasp when opening the wardrobe door, then it is going to be suitable to use on the wardrobe. If it is brightly coloured it is even more suitable.

There are door knob manufacturers who have an enormous line of kids wardrobe knobs for you or your kids to choose from. Look for knobs made by such companies as Berryware, Olive Kids, Bucksnort Lodge, One World Kids, Sierra Lifestyles, Siro Designs, Carol Beach or Laurey.

The available wardrobe knobs that have been designed with children’s bedrooms in mind but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be adapted into any other room where you feel there is a need to add a whimsical touch. A lot of the examples of knobs listed under the kid’s label feature ocean animals and would make a great decorative touch for a bathroom or in the beach hut.

If you need to buy them singly they can be found as stand-alone items but for the majority of cases you will probably need a set of knobs that are roughly matching to fit to a single wardrobe. It should be possible to find sets of 4 or 8 which will reduce the price that you will have to pay to decorate the entire wardrobe.

It should be possible to find cheap kids wardrobe knobs for doors, drawers and any other types of furniture that looks as though it can do with a colourful decorative attachment.

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