Japanese Style Wardrobe Doors

The idea of creating a look that is different to the norm is high on the list of design creations for many people. In the western world, different can often send thoughts east to the Orient. Types of doors that will have impact for the fact that they are not seen as often are Japanese style wardrobe doors.

The proper name for these panels is a shoji screen and they are simple and elegant in their design and appearance. They are at their most appealing when made from wood and paper in the traditional way and are perfect for setting up a themed room.

Shoji screens are able to be adapted for use in a number of different applications, one of which is as sliding wardrobe doors. But they can also be put to work as static screens, folding doors or even as a wardrobe wall to create a more eye-catching wardrobe.

Because of the light materials with which these screens are made they will help to lighten the room. They will also form an impressive backdrop to other furniture pieces in the room ensuring that the clean lines feature prominently in the room.

One of the big bonuses with using shoji screens as your wardrobe door of choice is the ease with which they can be installed. The weight of these screens is far less than the normal weight of built in wardrobe doors and so carrying them into the house and putting them into place is a far easier task than would otherwise be necessary.

Similarly the price of Japanese style wardrobe doors is considerably cheaper than what you would have to pay for other materials such as solid wood, mirror or glass. When you consider what these screens are made from, rice paper and light timber slats, it is little wonder that the costs are kept quite low.

In some cases it is possible to furnish the room with imitation Japanese style wardrobe doors using the same basic look and design but with different materials. This would give you the attractive look of the shoji screens but they would be far more durable. Sliding wardrobe doors made from opaque or frosted glass and framed with wood can be an option that recreates this look for you.

Moving away from the idea of shoji screens for a minute, some people may think of cherry blossoms or kanji figures hand-painted onto wardrobe doors as more of what they were imagining when they were hit with the idea of Japanese style wardrobe doors. This is another option that will also provide you with wardrobe doors that give you a real Japanese feel.

Japanese artwork and styles that are distinctive as hailing from Japan are just as relevant if you are attempting to decorate in a way that will pay homage to the Japanese culture and style. There are many ways in which it can be done so as to create a tasteful and elegant bedroom design incorporating the Japanese features.

The doors featured here could be classed as part of the range of premium wardrobe doors that are being made and used today.

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