Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Fitted bedroom wardrobes are available from most quality home furnishing stores as well as specialist wardrobe suppliers. You may choose to buy the wardrobe and have the trained professionals come and install it for you or you may prefer to go the DIY option and install your fitted wardrobe yourself.

The installation of these units are generally an easy task for those with any kind of handyman experience, so installing your own fitted wardrobes should not be a task that is too daunting. There may be warranty implications if you choose to do it yourself.

One of the big drawcards to installing fitted bedroom wardrobes is the fact that you get to design the entire unit from top to bottom, inside and out. For most people the thought of this much control and freedom is hugely appealing.

The options available to you are many, not only in the materials that you can use of the exterior features but also in the design layout of the shelves, hanging space and drawers. If you feel as though you need more hanging space than shelving then you are free to design your wardrobe that way. If you prefer to add a lot of shelf space at the expense of some of the hanging space then this will be up to you as well.

You can buy fitted bedroom wardrobes in all kinds of finishes from solid wood to expensive looking lacquer and modern laminate. Translucent sliding doors, frosted glass paneling or the ever popular mirror doors are also viable options, as are the more exotic such as Japanese style paneled doors or perhaps a more artistic painted finish. Whatever you choose your new bedroom wardrobes will play a large part in setting a new tone in the bedroom.

It is possible to get as plain or imaginative as you like, the choice is up to you. Some fitted furniture companies can assist with the design of the exterior and help out with suggestions on what might work in certain sized rooms and what will look too much. Make sure you seek out the advice of the experts who will have fitted and installed many wardrobes in the past.

When it comes to the interior of the fitted wardrobe you should be faced with a large amount of storage space to fill. Fitted wardrobes usually take up floor to ceiling and wall to wall space. The amount of storage space that this equates to is just staggering, particularly if you are used to cramming all of your clothes and personal belongings into a smaller stand-alone wardrobe.

To make the most of the space that you will be getting you can talk to a wardrobe storage designer who will help you with the layout of your new wardrobe furniture.

The main point to consider when deciding on a fitted bedroom wardrobe is that the room will be a little smaller, the bed and remaining furniture will still have to fit in and the d├ęcor will be dependent largely on the new wardrobe. Take your time in deciding on an exterior look so that your bedroom will be an even more welcoming place to lay your head down at night.

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