Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Depending on your needs and the type of room that you are furnishing there may be wardrobes that you can consider to be the best wardrobe designs, but a design that you consider to be perfect for your needs may not measure up to someone else’s. Similarly, a wardrobe that works very well in the lounge room may not be large enough to supply you with enough storage in the bedroom.

Bedroom wardrobes are possibly the most commonly used wardrobes and come in a range of different designs. The design you choose will depend on a number of factors including the style that you wish to furnish your bedroom in, the amount of space you have available and whether you want the wardrobe to remain permanently fixed to the room or able to be taken with you when you leave.

When talking about wardrobe designs you might consider one of three wardrobe options: walk-in, fitted or stand-alone.

When designing a fitted wardrobe you will have to take into consideration the type of wardrobe doors you will need. Are they going to be sliding doors or swinging doors? Will they be made from oak, pine, glass or plastic? What color will they be painted? What about the patterns that will feature on the front…or should they be plain? Here is some more information about what to think of when buying a fitted wardrobe.

The stand-alone wardrobe comes in many guises. From the simple single door pine wardrobe to the large bedroom suite with 3 and even 4 doors there is a tremendous range of choices available to you. Buying a stand-alone wardrobe gives you a great deal of flexibility. You don’t necessarily have to walk into a furniture store and hope the wardrobe you think will meet all of your storage needs will be sitting on display. If you have something specific in mind you can commission a wardrobe to be made especially to your specifications, catering to the needs that you believe you will have. This is known as a custom-made wardrobe and there are many master craftsmen available who can build a wardrobe to spec.

Naturally, custom-made wardrobes cost a great deal more than wardrobes that have been made in bulk, but by doing it this way you have more control over the materials used, the dimensions of the cabinet, the interior and its configuration and the detailing that is added to the exterior.

Wardrobe design within the wardrobe itself is a very important factor for maximising the amount of space that is available. There are storage solutions available that will provide you with extra hanging space and added shelf space that you may not have even realized was available. The decision between how much long hanging space and how much short hanging space will have to be worked out before you start stocking your new wardrobe. Take a look at this brief article about wardrobe storage.

Walk in wardrobes are very popular for the simple reason that they provide you with ample amounts of storage that is kept in what appears to be a room all of its own. Who wouldn’t want the luxury of simply walking into a small room where their clothes are hung along the walls and simply making a choice without having to dig through the tight confines of a wardrobe?

The walk in wardrobe is not going to be available for every person for the simple reason that they require more space than many homes can provide.

No matter what type of wardrobe you end up looking for you can be comforted to know that whatever your needs and preferences, they will be covered in a store somewhere. And if they aren't, you can have them made for you.

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Corner Wardrobe Designs

Generally speaking, the reason most people go looking for corner wardrobe designs is to give themselves the most appropriate wardrobe they can possibly create in a small space. The types of designs that you have at your disposal are actually endless because custom made furniture can be designed to fit into whatever room or space is available. But there are two corner wardrobe designs that are the most common what buying a pre-made wardrobe.

The first of these types of corner wardrobes is the basic L-shaped wardrobe. This type of wardrobe looks kind of like two wardrobes that run along the adjoining walls and meet up in the corner. The option of what types of doors you place on these wardrobes is also something that could prove to be a difficult decision to have to make. Sliding doors or swinging doors can both be fitted on an L-shaped wardrobe.

One of the features of an L-shaped wardrobe is that it is possible to have them made with one side longer than the other. These types of wardrobe provide you with a sizeable amount of storage while maximizing the room left in the bedroom to walk around in.

The other option for the corner storage problem is the 45 degree corner wardrobe unit. This is the type of wardrobe that is fitted into the corner with the back of the unit angled to fit the space. The door of this type of corner unit faces the room at a 45 degree angle to the walls and grants you with open access to the entire wardrobe.

The bonus of using the 45 degree angled corner wardrobe is that the storage space area is very deep, reaching further in to the wall than expected. The amount of space required is not large yet you are afforded a sizable storage cabinet. Some people find that the depth of the wardrobe can be quite large and if they are already pressed for space in the room the 45 degree corner unit sticks too far out into the room and actually feels as though it is taking up more room than is necessary.

Unusually shaped rooms and corners that are not 90 degrees or that are graduated may require a custom designed corner wardrobe. The only difference with having one of these types of wardrobes installed will be the fact that they will cost more because of the special work required in getting the fit exactly right.

A further option, particularly if you feel you are handy enough with the tools and wood is to create your own corner wardrobe. For some this is going to be a major undertaking and will require greater than usual woodworking skills.

The ideal type of situation to place a corner wardrobe is as a display cabinet with the 45 degree wardrobe the only choice you would want to consider. These wardrobes would be glass-fronted and feature display shelves that will allow you to show off your finish crockery, crystal collection or Wedgewood.

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Made To Measure Wardrobes

In terms of free standing wardrobes you generally have two choices when it comes to the types of wardrobe furniture you are going to buy: pre-fabricated and made to measure. The most common type of wardrobe is the pre-fabricated one where we might walk into a furniture showroom and pick out the wardrobe from the floor display depending on factors such as size and design. We basically try to get a best fit style and size and take it home in the hope that it will match the rest of our furniture.

The alternative option is to visit a cabinetmaker to order a made to measure wardrobe. If your storage needs are unique, the size of the required cabinet is unusually large or small or the shape has to be designed to fit a specific space in the home you might want to get the wardrobe made for you.

Obviously, made to measure wardrobes are going to cost more than the wardrobes that are produced in larger numbers. A made to measure, custom built wardrobe is going to be a unique, one of a kind piece of furniture that is handcrafted by an expert craftsman and so you will be paying a premium for this kind of service. The resulting wardrobe should be a solid piece of furniture that is going to last for a long, long time.

The big advantage of buying a made to measure wardrobe is the control that you will have over ever facet of the wardrobe design and construction process. You can add all of the decorative features that you want to the outside while also ensuring that the interior contains the kind of storage features that will serve your needs. If you need a larger area for shoe storage then you can ensure that this will be built in.

A made to measure wardrobe is the type of furniture item that you would class as a luxury item. Many people would consider the purchase of a wardrobe as the sort of thing you would spend an afternoon over. However, by spending extra time and money over the task you can turn your new wardrobes into more than just a place to store your clothes and other belongings. This kind of wardrobe could become the feature piece of the room around which the rest of the design would depend.

Taking the made to measure option is possibly only the choice that those at the top end of the market might be willing to make. If you have no other option because of the complete uniqueness of the area that you want to turn into storage space then make sure you have done your homework beforehand to ensure you get a cabinet that completely meets your needs.

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Wardrobe Storage Solutions

A perennial problem in many households is finding enough wardrobe storage, or at least maintaining the storage space so that whenever you buy something new you will have a spot for it. Everyone’s wardrobe is growing. We wear a more diverse array of clothes, something different for every occasion. So what happens if you do not have a lot of closet space in your home for all of these things?

Sadly, this lack of storage is an issue that many people have. Clothing ends up landing on the floor, being stored under the bed, and jutting out of dresser drawers. The array of clothes all over the place adds up to one big mess! Many ask themselves: is there any easy and inexpensive way to increase storage in the home?

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase wardrobe storage. Whether you’ve got a tall cabinet, such as an armoire to hold your clothing, or a wardrobe storage closet or some type of walk-in wardrobe there are small adjustments that can be made to the layout that will afford you some more valuable storage space. One of the sections of many furniture stores is devoted to clever storage devices that help you hang, fold, stack and store your clothes so that the space is maximized. You can almost customize your closet or wardrobe space to fit your exact needs, without having to have a professional come in and do it.

An obvious solution is to buy a larger wardrobe storage cabinet, perhaps by moving from a 2 door wardrobe up to a 3 door wardrobe. This is only a feasible option if you have both the space and the budget to buy the new furniture. Unfortunately this may only be a temporary solution with the expansion of your belongings allowed to continue unabated.

Wardrobe storage cabinets can be redesigned with the help of special storage hardware that is specially designed to make better use of the space you already have. A great deal of importance should be placed on wardrobe design, particularly when it comes to the interior of the wardrobe.

Once you find the system that is right for you, creating more wardrobe storage is easy. There are shoe racks, coat racks, shelving units, and even cubbies that will give you a place for everything. You will even be able to choose the height at which it is installed.

Hanger CascadersJust one of these solutions is a product known as a Hanger Cascader which enables you to hang six items of clothing from shirts to hoodies in the space usually taken up by one piece of clothing. It does this by collapsing to a near vertical position after you have loaded the hanger up and the result is that you can fit 6 times as many clothes into your wardrobe than you otherwise would. By the way, if you're planning on buying these, make sure you get the metal ones because they will stand up to the weight of the clothes much more readily than the plastic ones.

Another way to increase wardrobe storage is by using storage bags. These are an incredible way to downsize your wardrobe without throwing anything away! They allow you to put all of your clothing and other gear inside, and suck all of the air out with a vacuum! They are a great way to increase space in a wardrobe without spending a whole lot of money!

There are many ways to get things clean and organized in your life. Make sure that you make the most of the space that you have. You will feel much better if things are tidy and there is a specific place for everything in your wardrobe!

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A Corner Wardrobe Draws A Dimensional Picture

There’s a solution to the need for storage space, even in limited areas. The corner of a room is the perfect place to install a wardrobe. This is an opportunity to make the most of a space that appears inadequate. A corner wardrobe cabinet can add dimension to the room as well as creating a style element to an area that would have otherwise gone bare.

Corners can be quite deceiving, until the angles are considered. Storage units maintain order to what would otherwise be a pile of clutter. A well considered corner wardrobe is attractive and adds a level of elegance to the room or foyer although not every room is suitable for this kind of wardrobe. It’s all a matter of balance and choosing this option can eliminate the need for clunky furniture that simply doesn’t look crisp.

It may be necessary to install a corner wardrobe unit to fit a necessary storage option in around other immovable obstructions such as windows or doors. It’s not exactly a measure of last resort however it is an option that is not regularly found in many homes.

Corner wardrobes can be installed as freestanding or fitted. Both are extremely functional, although a fitted wardrobe may take a bit more crafting. The best choice merely depends on the situation which needs to be addressed. If it’s a larger room with existing closets, a wardrobe that stands alone will easily blend. A smaller room with little or no available storage may call for a fitted wardrobe. The point is that the storage should merge and become part of the room. The final look is a personal preference, which is usually influenced by the design of a room or hallway.

Choosing to install a fitted corner wardrobe takes some planning, sketch out the details on paper. Begin with how deep you want the wardrobe, or maybe how deep the room will allow you to go. Survey the amount of belongings that the unit will need to hold. Is there additional closet space in the room, or is the wardrobe to be the only storage? Take measurements to assure the area you’ve allotted is practical for a corner wardrobe closet that will provide enough storage for your purposes. Once the basic size is determined, you can begin your corner wardrobe designs.

Talented woodworkers may build every detail from scratch. For those without carpentry skills, there are prefabricated materials. These attractive pieces are easy to assemble and still allow the imagination to roar. There’s everything available from the basic shelf to dramatic swinging doors. Some corner wardrobes have flip-out drying racks, a drop-down ironing board, and hidden baskets for dirty laundry. Pre-cut hanging rods add to a simple install.

Possible choices of wood that make attractive corner wardrobe units include cedar, walnut or a finished oak that can be used inside and out. Equally, a desirable look that many people choose is a wood interior with something like smoky glass on the exterior. The key is that the look that you choose incorporates other features already existing in the room so that it blends in and maintains the character of the room.

A perfect option for a corner wardrobe in the bedroom would be something like a makeup station with a small desk incorporated into the design. Once the design has been worked out and you have ascertained that there will be enough room to install the units the wardrobe should be able to be added to the room without any more trouble than you would get with any other wardrobe. The result will be an innovative use of space that may otherwise have been dead space.