Types Of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Clear Glass Sliding Doors

If you are looking for a unique way to personalize a closet, and add a little style then check out the types of sliding wardrobe doors available for you. What type you ultimately choose may be determined by factors such as price or style taste. The range is going to be extensive enough that choosing may well take up a good proportion of your time.

Sliding wardrobe doors come in a variety of colors, material make up, and a choice in added accessories. The average closet will have basic wooden sliding doors, with a functional rather than flashy hardware knob for opening and closing the door. But if you are looking to add style to your bedroom or closet area you may need to check further into the differing styles of sliding wardrobe doors. Take for instance the clear glass sliding wardrobe doors shown above. This is a perfect exacmple of how far you can take it.

If you have a particular style design to your home decor, then choosing wardrobes with sliding doors that complement this style is a must. If you have a more modern style to your home, then you can check into the more contemporary sliding doors with a metallic-like finish, and up to date hardware. If your house follows a more classic style, then a sliding wardrobe door with that classic wood finish and perhaps something a little more showy such as gold hardware is an excellent complement.

Wooden Sliding Wardrobe DoorsWhen you have decided between going with a more modern look of sliding wardrobe doors or a classic wood finish you can turn your attention to added features such as the style of hardware and mirror accessories. The hardware for a classic wood style can range anywhere from a basic gold knob to more elaborate options and metals such as brass, chrome or steel door handles. Always check to make sure that the hardware for the sliding wardrobe doors flows with the rest of the houses design. The hardware for a modern style of sliding wardrobe doors is often complemented with a silver color square like handle, or anything that is contemporary in style.

Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Besides the hardware to match your sliding wardrobe doors there is also the consideration of placing in mirrors on the outside. Sliding mirror wardrobe doors are more often seen on the modern style of sliding doors, but they will look good with just about any style or design. If you decide to place mirrors onto your sliding wardrobe doors, make sure they also complement your overall style. You don’t have to limit yourself to merely opting for complete mirrored wardrobe sliding doors, a look that has been very popular for a long time. You can also get creative with the way the mirrors appear, perhaps opting for an array of small mirrors placed together to give the doors a more modern style.

Overall, sliding door wardrobes are a great way to add to your home decor. Once you decide on which style of door to go with, the task of settling on the type of trim, handles and door railings will complete your project.

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The Choice of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

One of the choices you will be confronted with when buying a new wardrobe is the style of doors that will become the main feature of the wardrobe. Obviously, this won’t be so much of an issue if you are buying a free standing wardrobe because you basically get whatever it has already been fitted with, but if you are designing your own bespoke wardrobe the doors are going to be one of the more important decisions to make.

A really nice option and one of the more popular types of door for a wardrobe is the sliding door option. There are any number of types of sliding wardrobe doors to choose from starting with glass sliding doors, wood finishes in maple, oak, walnut or pine or combination wood and glass doors. Move on to doors with mirrors and you can get some very nice fitted sliding mirror wardrobe doors, it's simply a matter of choosing the kind that fit in with the existing room.

In the past installing sliding doors on wardrobes was fraught with all kinds of danger because the tracks were often not built to withstand the constant use that a wardrobe gets. These days this is no longer the case with a smooth sliding door almost guaranteed for life.

A sliding door allows you to make the most use of whatever space you’ve got. Swinging doors require enough room to allow them to open fully and still have the space to walk past them. In a bedroom space is often at a premium. Sliding wardrobe doors can be made to measure so that they fit your space perfectly. They give you a smooth closure and will keep on working for years.

Installing Sliding Wardrobe Doors

When you have a fitted wardrobe installed the normal procedure is have it done by the professionals to ensure that the job is guaranteed. However as a means of saving on costs or if you have changed the doors and must put them in yourself, there are a few considerations to take care of.

It is important to get the size of your doors right the first time. It may be possible to trim the doors if they are too large and you are using a solid wood material, but this won’t work with other types of doors.

As long as the tracks are already installed you can use them as a template for your new doors. Measure the old track so that you can work out how long the new track needs to be. After removing the old track you will have to cut the new track to size and then secure it to the top edge of the opening making sure the screw heads are flush with the track.

If your new door has top rollers to help keep it stable check to see whether they are pre-installed. If they are not you will have to attach them to the top edge of the door.

When putting the doors into place, seat the top rollers first angling the door so that the bottom is angled towards you. Once the top is in place allow the bottom of the door to swing into place so that it slides into the bottom track.

This job should only be a single person job although for some of the large and heavier glass doors it would be advisable to make it a two person job when attempting to seat the doors in the tracks.

It is worthwhile taking your time over the selection of your new sliding wardrobe doors because this is what everyone will see as the face of your wardrobe. You will want them to match your room’s décor so that it looks as though the wardrobe is an established part of the room.