Pine Wardrobes and What To Look For

Narrow Tall WardrobeThere is a beauty and warmth that comes from the colour of a pine wardrobe. A natural wood pine wardrobe will complement most bedroom furnishings and will look stylish placed in most decors. When you buy a pine wardrobe you are guaranteed a unique piece of furniture because of the distinguishing knots, cracks and wood grain that makes every piece individual in appearance.

Pine is a material that will require some basic care steps to ensure that it looks good as it ages. It is a material that will react to the surrounding conditions if left in its raw state meaning it will expand in high moisture and shrink in very dry conditions. For this reason it should be refinished with a light stain or wax.

English Heritage DoubleAs attractive as pine wardrobes can look left in their natural state or with a fine stain varnish applied to them, the wood is also very suitable to a painted finish and you can add your own design style quickly and easily.

Pine wardrobes make fine looking bedroom storage pieces. They are usually a lighter colour than other woods, particularly when left in their more natural state. The wood is also lighter in terms of weight and so, while still a solid piece of furniture, the pine wardrobe will be easier to carry into the house as well as to relocate around the room when redecorating or redesigning.

Because of the lighter weight of pine wood, you will have to give some thought to what you will be storing in the wardrobe before going with pine as your option. A pine wardrobe to use for clothes storage would be perfectly okay as the weight would not break the wardrobe. Storage of heavier items or items with sharp edges would require a sturdier, hardwearing wood.

As with all types of furniture you will get what you pay for and even though it is possible to buy a cheap pine wardrobe compared to wardrobes made with other types of wood such as oak or cherry, there will be some construction issues to look out for. Poorly made wardrobes can be spotted with only a quick inspection looking for splits around the screw or dowel holes, you want to ensure that it is held together with screws and not staples, the walls should be plumb and the doors and drawers should open and close smoothly.

Splintered wood or major scratches or cracks should mean that you will move on to the next wardrobe. There is such a large range of solid pine wardrobes available that you do not have to settle for one that less than perfectly meets your needs.

Older units will only be available as solid a solid pine wardrobe that is difficult toOlsen Triple dismantle. When buying an antique pine wardrobe you’re going to have to know the measurements of the room in which you’re intending it to go. It will also be important to have a plan on how the wardrobe will be brought into the room and whether it will fit through the doors or windows. The modern alternative these days is to buy a pine wardrobe as a flat pack (i.e. unassembled) and then construct it inside the room it is going to be placed. This is a cheaper alternative and could be the preferable option if you have bought a very large wardrobe that would have had no chance at getting through the doors or up a tight set of stairs.

Here’s another nice feature of pine wardrobes that you may not realise but which is important to the environment. Much of the wood sourced to make pine wardrobes comes from plantation forests that are continually being renewed and replenished after each harvest. As a sustainable resource it means that by buying a pine wardrobe you are doing a little bit for the environment and reducing the demand for a timber that comes from more destructive logging.

You will be able to find a pine wardrobe in a size and style that will meet your needs regardless of whether you need a pine wardrobe with a mirror in the center or a pine wardrobe with drawers dominating the bottom or sides. Large or small, antique or modern, solid or flat pack, they come in a range that will ensure that your bedroom storage problem is solved.