Bucksnort Lodge Wardrobe Knobs For Sale

With over 300 different designs the assortment of Bucksnort Lodge knobs and pulls will sure to hold something that appeals to you as you design a bedroom for your child.

Unlike other wardrobe knobs that you might look for when buying for children the Bucksnort Lodge knobs are not brightly coloured, instead they are mode from antique brass, antique copper, nickel, pewter or oil rubbed bronze.

Designs that might appeal to kids include fish, trains, stars, rocking horses, ducks, airplanes or cats.

These types of wardrobe knobs are the ideal accompaniment to a wooden wardrobe that has been given a beautiful antique finish.

Buy Bucksnort Lodge Wardrobe Knobs

Antique Copper Baseball Mitt Knob

Pewter Train Knob

Antique Brass Turtle Knob

Pewter Butterfly Knob

The above is just a tiny selection of the wardrobe knobs available from Bucksnort Lodge. If you would like to make a selection from the complete range you should simply click the link to:

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The wardrobe knobs that are made for children have a whimsical air about them. The range of designs is broken down into different categories which make it easier to select. There are many knobs in categories such as nautical, fish, wildlife, leaves and trees and sports.

While the wardrobe knobs are not bright or colourful they definitely appeal to a child’s sense of adventure. The brushed metal finishes are very attractive in appearance and they are extremely durable, capable of lasting forever.

The way in which the wardrobe knobs are constructed is as a one-piece cast construction out of solid cast zinc. The knob is then plated and sealed with a lacquer finish. They are available for sale as single units.

There are many, many more wardrobe knobs available to discover. Find out about some more suppliers by reading more about kids wardrobe knobs.

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