A Mirrored Wardrobe Is Worth Considering

There are a lot of different factors worth considering when it comes to buying a new wardrobe. Some of them will have been thought of while you may overlook others. The wardrobe doors should be one of the prime considerations because the doors represent the face of your wardrobe.

When buying a new wardrobe, regardless of whether it is a fitted or stand-alone wardrobe, it is well worth considering making it a mirrored wardrobe. There are a number of different design features that can distinguish your wardrobe furniture from the everyday so that it will have its own character and add charm to the room.

The most commonly seen mirror wardrobe may be a built-in or fitted wardrobe where the entire exterior door surface comprises a mirrored finish. This is a great way to add light to the room plus it will help to give the illusion that the room is actually larger than it really is. There are a number of mirror tints that you can choose that will subtly alter the color of the mirror if you want to match other pieces in the room.

These mirrored wardrobe doors are usually sliding doors that have been designed to smoothly open and close, taking the added weight of the mirror with ease. For something that looks a little different there are also fitted wardrobes with mirrored doors that are hinged swing doors. Because they are a little less common they provide an interesting point of difference over the other types.

Not all people want to install a fitted wardrobe in their bedroom but this doesn’t mean that the wardrobe can’t feature a mirrored finish. There are many different types of oak or pine wardrobes where a mirror can be added. The mirror will be nowhere near as imposing as that on the fitted wardrobe but if the wardrobe is positioned appropriately the mirror can catch the light at certain times of the day to improve the brightness of the room to the full extent.

You may find stand-alone wardrobes containing a mirror either in the center of the wardrobe or on one or more wardrobe doors.

Another version of a wardrobe that can make full use of a mirror is a walk-in wardrobe. Admittedly this situation is a little different because the wardrobe is located in an entirely different room but the type of mirror and its position will make a big difference to the functionality of the space. How the mirror is positioned as well as its size are just as big factors in a walk-in wardrobe as they are with a fitted or stand-alone wardrobe.

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