Use Boxes For Storage Ideas

Storage options may be achieved in a number of different ways by using decorative boxes of different types. These boxes serve practical as well as decorative purposes and they are available in all sizes and even different shapes. When you look hard enough you will find that all houses make use of a number of different types of storage boxes in one form or another.

These boxes may be placed in a wide variety of positions as well, in fact, it may appear as though shelves, under bed storage and even the middle of a room has been especially set aside for one of these containers.

File boxes may be employed to keep loose papers organized. This may be important documents that always seem to be getting misplaced or it may simply be scrap paper that always looks messy. It only takes a bunch of vaguely decorative storage boxes placed together on a shelf to turn an untidy area into one that is far more ordered and neat.

Larger storage may be achieved by buying a decorative storage trunk and filling it with items that are not in use such as winter blankets and clothes during the summer. Older style storage trunks can be picked up from most antique stores and some of them provide a great deal of space while looking good doing so.

Gift boxes can be picked up from many stationery stores and they can provide you with a fun way to do your storage. Placing a brightly colored gift box on the shelf and filling it with all kinds of unusual knick knacks is a great way to brighten up a room while also tidying it up.

There are a lot of ways in which a storage container can settle a room down while also ensuring that there is far less mess to annoy you.

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Carol Beach Wardrobe Knobs

Carol Beach wardrobe knobs are part of a larger range of knobs and drawer pulls that take you beyond what might be considered the norm. Choose from different types of knobs that will spice up the kitchen, bathroom or children’s bedroom with such things as natural ocean stones, faux glass knobs and pressed flower knobs.

Each of the different types of knobs are eclectic and are suitable for a casual or relaxed atmosphere and can help provide a fun look to the wardrobe or chest of drawers or whatever unit you want to add them to.

Choose from the knobs displayed below to buy a Carol Beach wardrobe knob that you think will help in the decoration of your home. Underneath the featured knobs you will find a link that will allow you to view the complete range of Carol Beach knobs.

Buy Carol Beach Wardrobe Knobs and Pulls

Pelican Knob Matte Silver

Yellow Flower With Leaf Knob

Fiesta Knob

Purple Flower Knob

It might also be worthwhile to check out the complete list of Carol Beach wardrobe knobs.

Not only are there wardrobe knobs that are suited to placing on kids wardrobes but there is a range of knobs that will be perfectly suited to the bathroom and the kitchen. Those who would like to decorate a beach house in suitable decor touches or for those who are looking to create a nautical theme, there will also be the type on knobs that will be perfectly placed.

For solid colored wardrobe doors you might like to check out the Carol Beach resin knobs in frosted finishes. Nautical knobs are available made with a heavy metal core and given a matte silver finish. The knobs include a pelican, a shell, a fish, a lighthouse, a dolphin, a starfish or a yacht.

The bathroom collection is also an option that you might choose to use on the vanity unit with polished aluminum used to create a faucet knob, soap knob, toothpaste drawer pull or a toothbrush drawer pull.

There are many, many more wardrobe knobs available to discover. Find out about some more suppliers by reading more about kids wardrobe knobs.

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Wooden Wardrobes

The simplest and most natural looking cabinet to store your clothes in the bedroom is a wooden wardrobe. They are available in every type of wood you can imagine as well as a few that you probably can’t. Wooden wardrobes were the original choice in storage methods and throughout the years the simple unit has been designed and redesigned to express all kinds of styles and tastes.

Some people might know the wardrobe as an armoire and the terms can be largely interchangeable. An armoire is a cabinet that is usually a tall single unit containing shelves for storage. It is usually distinguished from a wardrobe by the fact that a wardrobe contains hanging space and a rod for hanging clothing on.

Wood is an amazingly versatile product and can be easily adapted, by those who have the experience, into the most gorgeous pieces of furniture. Detailed design work and stain, polish and lacquer finishes can turn the most mundane looking piece of wood into a glowing marvel. When you find a wardrobe that has been crafted by a skilled cabinet maker it is easily apparent.

If you can’t buy a custom made wooden wardrobe the next best option could be to attempt to make one yourself. Unless you are a skilled woodworker though, there would probably be too much to have to know before you are able to make an old fashioned wooden wardrobe yourself and do it justice.

Cheap Wooden Wardrobes

While everyone would like to be able to afford the most luxurious looking wooden wardrobe possible, whether it is a contemporary unit or an antique, many of us have to stick to a budget. This means that being able to find a good solid, but cheap, wooden wardrobe is going to be the preference.

There are a few things to look for to try to ensure that the cheap wooden wardrobe you buy doesn’t actually end up costing more because it has to be replaced too soon. Check in particular the way the cabinet has been joined and that proper nails have been used rather than the cheaper option of staples.

Before you even consider paying for a cheap wardrobe, ensure that it is sturdy and there is no sign of movement if when you give it a good solid shape. If the wardrobe rocks on the showroom floor it is going to prove to be too flimsy when you get it home.

Small or Large Wooden Wardrobe

Sometimes the question is whether to buy one large wooden wardrobe or a couple of smaller wardrobes. The smaller wardrobes can be used in a more versatile fashion by spitting them up and placing them on either side of a dressing table or a vanity unit.

The downside, of course, is that you are wasting a fair amount of valuable space with the double walls of the two smaller units that could be put to good use by simply buying a large wardrobe instead.

The danger is going too far with the idea of buying small wardrobes and then dotting them around the hopuse so that they begin to fill up the space without really completely solving your storage problems. Sometimes it is worth consolidating the storage space that you have into one large unit, placing it in a central location - often the master bedroom - and then proceeding to use it properly with storage tips and clever techniques.

Corner Wooden Wardrobes

A decorative corner wooden wardrobe makes perfect use of an area of the room that might otherwise go unused. There are some display cabinets that fit into the smallest corners that provide you with the perfect place to show off small figurines, photographs, plates or crystal decorative pieces.

The corner wooden wardrobe makes use of a part of a room that might otherwise have become dead space and with the gorgeous craftsmanship that goes into small cabinets such as those used as corner wardrobes, it is possible to turn the corner into a beautiful feature.

Wooden Wardrobe Colours

Just because you want to buy a wooden wardrobe doesn't mean you're going to be stuck with a single color for your wardrobe. This is true even if you aren't planning on painting the wardrobe or staining it a dark or distinctive hue. Different types of woods have vastly different colors to them and the various wood types can be used as a way to create a subtly different appearance from furniture piece to furniture piece.

A maple wardrobe is going to look vastly different to a mahogany wardrobe and a walnut unit is going to differ greatly to a pine wardrobe. Just because you want to go for predominently wood with your furniture solutions doesn't mean that it has to look boring.

It is a good idea to try different textures and different shades of each type of wood too. The variation can look very effective in the bedroom, particularly when the sun hits each piece from a slightly different angle.

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Siro Designs Kids Wardrobe Knobs and Pulls

The wardrobe knobs and pulls from Siro designs make up part of an enormous range of products from a company that has produced decorative hardware for over 50 years. As well as standard knobs for doors and pulls for doors in the standard stainless steel, porcelain and other standard materials, the company also produces a fun range of kids wardrobe knobs.

The knobs make up part of the company’s brighter releases and form collections such as the Popsicle Collection, Botanico Collection, Fantasia Collection, Butterfly Collection, Caribe Collection and Kidzz Collection.

Featured below are just four examples of the types of wardrobe knobs that can be found from Siro Designs. If none of these appeal to you there is a full listing of Siro Design knobs and pulls just a click away.

Buy Siro Designs Wardrobe Knobs and Pulls

Caribe Collection Frog On Grass

Kidzz Collection Brown Hedgehog

Fantasia Collection Bear

Butterfly Collection Pink Butterfly

You may also like to browse through the range of knobs available in each of the various collections:

Siro Designs Fantasia Collection
Siro Designs Butterfly Collection
Siro Design Kidzz Collection
Siro Designs Caribe Collection

The knobs that are designed specifically for a child’s bedroom have been distinguished by bright and fun colours to ensure they are noticed and will stand out in a bedroom that is more than likely going to be filled with many other bright colours.

The wardrobe and drawer knobs and pulls from Siro Designs provide great accent pieces for the room and although these bright knobs are perfect for the children's bedroom there are also some opportunities to use them in other rooms in the house.

There are many, many more wardrobe knobs available to discover. Find out about some more suppliers by reading more about kids wardrobe knobs.

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Opaque Glass Wardrobe Doors

Using glass in the creation of wardrobe doors is becoming a popular option and it is a practice that is having some spectacular results. Rather than using clear glass that would effectively put your belongings on display, the alternative is to fit the doors with opaque glass.

White opaque glass is the effect that you are going to get when you create the doors, but the finished product need not be a complete wall of glass. This could look a little overwhelming without any other material to break it up. What looks particularly effective is a door that features another material such as wood or even coloured glass that is broken up by smaller panels of opaque glass.

With some imagination and perhaps some expert advice it is possible to create your own unique look for your wardrobe doors using opaque glass as the feature that helps them stand out.

In the meantime here are some ideas for using opaque glass in the construction of wardrobe doors that gives a pretty good indication of how versatile it can look. Depending on the surrounding materials and the colours that are used, you can either accent with the opaque glass or create a feature look with it.

When you buy or design a fitted wardrobe you will have the option is choosing the doors that are used to front them. The option of opaque glass is a very cost effective one when compared to some of the other choices available. Naturally, pre-made opaque glass doors are going to cost a lot less than the doors that you have custom made.

In some situations the glass may allow a faint shadow to be seen from the outside giving a hint of what may be stored inside. Where this may be particularly effective is if you use a set of large opaque sliding doors in front of the walk-in wardrobe. They can be made floor to ceiling if required and can create the appearance of a feature wall or a faux window and be concealing an entire wardrobe behind.

Opaque glass is only one of the great options available to anyone looking to make a big impression through the doors of their wardrobe. You can achieve the same effect by using translucent sliding doors or mirror wardrobe doors. Take a look at any of these options when considering a new set of replacement wardrobe doors.

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